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i´ve never had the motiovation to enter creative writing, on my hour long playthough ive wrote 12 pages filled with character motivations, themes and posible ways to follow the narrative. 10/10 

for some reason the pdf doesnt have bookmarks

love it, i would love if this concept of storytelling if it´s more fleshed out, maybe made a point and click adventure style of interaction but if you click on an object tell you their significance, idk. im not a writer- game designer. still the writing is really good and the portraits are amazing 

i like the concept of the multiple protagonist perspectives but  i felt like they didn´t convey new information that changes your perspective of the characters.

i like the use of the zombie apocalypse as a metafor of the time you put into things that dont inprove your life and how can your world be taken away 

but i felt like the "bad ending" should be more cryptic, like maybe there in a situation that they have to trust eachother but if you didn´t told your secrets maybe they get more ambiguous concequence 

but at the end it was relatable in a lot of ways and i would love to see a full sice visual novel with this concept.