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yes, it’s this software that i’m using for my games. I started making games just because one of walten files videos was made from Clickteam Fusion 2.5

thanks for your honest opinion, I already know this game is already boring. but ill expand the storyline.

nah, you're all good. Thanks for your honest opinion. This is only the beginning and of course I'll expand this story.

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thank you! i wasn’t expecting to be in one of his vids lol

thanks for the feedback, this game is only the beginning so obviously its gonna be boring. But the next part is gonna be interesting. :)

most music assets are from vcr classique.
vcr-classique - digital water, is from the loading screen.

are you using windows 10, cuz it should load with microsoft defender smartscreen -> run anyway.

how come it didn’t launch?

Go to "File Explorer", 
Go to this directory "YOURNAME/AppData/Roaming/CORRUPT.FILE"
then Open with Notepad. You should able to see 
as "CORRUPT=1". What you want to do is set 1 to 0
and the game will restart for you.

no problem! have fun!

i uploaded new one (zip file), try it.

how so? mine was perfectly fine.

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Search "MMFApplications" folder which located 

"Your Username"/AppData/Roaming/MMFApplications

and there should be the file named "CORRUPT" file and open it with Notepad. When opened, the corrupt number is 1 and you should change that number into 0 so it can be reset the save file. Thanks for playing my game! really appreciated it!

hahaha! I really like your reaction on your video! thanks for playing a game, I really appreciate it. I hope your channel will be successful! great content btw!

I'm glad you really liked it, wasn't expected the game crashed. LMAO

thanks, i really appreciate your feedback. been busy last week, couldn’t make more interaction. maybe next game :)

thank you, it really does <3

wow, that concept is amazing, love that background is so colorful, didnt know this theme is mixed of detective and seafolk. haha still loved it “thumbs up”

this is actually immersive experience i really liked the art, ngl. anyways, i really like this game, nice work “thumbs up”

this is very relaxing gallery. i love it <3

thanks <3

thank you <3 

thank you! <3

very peaceful game, I love it <3

thank you! <3

really nice game, I really like it

thank you, thank you,
I like yours too, really nice.

no problem <3

thanks for playing my game! also, you forgot to censored your IP address so it won't get exposed your location.

yes, it should work

I'm glad you liked it :)

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At beginning of the game, there is a question mark which is a help center at the top right corner. Click that. Copy that code: 136.692.503.67 in the box by copy and paste or type it up. After that, you will receive another code for another zip file. 

thanks for playing my game, and there was another ending, kept in the secret files. But first, there’s a code at the credits. With that code, you can insert that in help center (question mark, in-game)

thanks for playing my game!

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thank you for playing my game! 

I'll fix it up asap. I really appreciate it!