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this game is so fucking annoying but its just so addicting. Keep on dying but I want to see the other scenes so i try and pull through.....only to fail again.

You want him to shrink the boobs over that???, im sure im almost everyone thinks its pleasing to the eye lol

When u accept the job that lets u collect power cells, u have to go to a place called deeper tropos but everytime i try to go there its always blanked out with(not ready yet) in bracket beside it. So how would u become ready

i think this game is better than lust doll not to say lust doll is bad, its good, but pls, the story is fantastic and the sex scenes are good and its also has alot of humor, makes me laugh alot

Hey Paccsu, how close is the new update to finishing?

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maybe the creator could add something like, the more damage A.I.D.A takes in battle the more her protective gear gets damaged until it finally breaks

that would be very neat

i havent finished the game yet, and i dont know if the MC has a human form but will the MC ever get a human form if its not already in it?

how big will the next update be?

is the next update close to releasing or nah?

yes, there will be but idk which update its gonna come in

its been 20 days the next update hasnt come out yet, im gonna cry

its nowhere near close to finishing i think

do you have any other games, other than paccsu and A.I.D.A , your games are really nice

also when will the next update come out

will the 0.031 version be the only free version? or will there be new free versions?