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Excellent, thanks a lot for this great game :)
Will you plan to release a WHDLOAD version too please ?

Thanks a lot for this p8 file, so cool to play your game in Batocera :)

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for this update :)
Will you also release the P8 file please ?
I need it to play your game in Batocera , Thanks

Hi, thanks for your answer, for sure i know we can launch linux games on Batocera, i do it some times, and without script, it is already ready to use in ports games that can launch a .sh file.
But it is not my goal, my pico8 games are all in pico8 directory, ready to launch with the readl pico8 exec. It is the best way to play them, and have all of them in the same place. It's why i always ask creators to share a PNG game format and use the real engine :(
I understand you use a modified one, but i don't really understand why ... when i see Doom on VRRacing or so many other games that tric the official pico 8 engine to work... and it works :) But maybe it is hardest to release, i don't know ... ?

Woaw i've seen the video, this game is crazy, thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot for your work. Rally interesting to give a new life to this bad old game.
But the game is very empty like the original, and there are not enough sound effects... that makes it a good adaptation but still not a good game.

Will you continue to work on it to improve it a little and give it a real second wind as if it had really been released on GameBoy. Thanks

Hi, very good idea :)
Will you release the p8 file to let us playing every where with any launcher.
Thanks a lot

Excellent project :)
I will stand to try your first demo, thanks

WOAW crazy game for a Vectrex, thanks a lot for it :)

Yes music is really important ... it give the game ambiance :)

Thanks to discover this game port on Megadrive <3
Are you always working on it to finish it one day ?

Ok i understand, it's really not easy ...
But if you think Pico-8 will add PicoMap later, for sure it can be a good idea to stand for it and use it. In Batocera i use every time the last engine. To me the best compatible possible. Thanks a lot for your answer

So cool to see a new update of this great :)
But like ever i can't play it because you are not using the official engine and i can't launch it in Batocera :(

Thanks for the update :)
Please think to add the .p8.png too :)

Cool, thanks a lot for your answer :)

So bad i love this game too, i have play it a lot on windows by the past ...
Please will you share the .p8.png file on lexaloffle ? Thanks

Excellent port like ever with you. But please, will you share the p8.png file here or on lexasoft ?
I never play games on my computer, i play on TV with the real pico8 engine and i need it to launch the game. Thanks

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Thanks a lot for this remake, i love the original game on game gear :)
But please, will you share the p8.png file here or on lexasoft ?
I never play games on my computer, i play on TV with the real pico8 engine and i need it to launch the game. Thanks

Thanks for your answer :)

Hi, thanks a lot for your work so crazy !!!
I love this game and i have finished it on SENS so many times ... with my little daughter :)
Is your game support two player mode like the original one ? If not, will you add it in the future ?
And at the end, when all will be done, have you plan to add some new features that were not present in the original game ?
- Like a Boss Rush mode where we must kill all the bosses one by one with for exemple 3 lives ?
- Maybe a new story with new puzzles ?
- Like now the game is in 16/9, maybe a 4 player mode ?

Thanks a lot for this new game, i love multiplayer games so much to play with my children :)
I will try it :)

So fantastic, Coop mods are the life for me and my children <3

Ok ok sorry now i understand better, thanks a lot :)

Splore ?
Is it the market of pico 8 ?
For my part i love to have all my games listed in emulationstation, with screenshot title shot, video preview, description, to choose what i want to play etc ... Really if you can shere here a p8 file it will be the best way for many users. Thanks a lot

Crazy project, i love it, i really wish the designer will found some free time to finish it :)

Thanks, i know this site but i'm not really fan of they work, i prefer mine because i try to be more accurate for each game. But for sure this site will help a lot of people :)

Your game is so excellent, thanks a lot for it

Woaw a new Vectrex game, like a clone of Flappy Bird :)
Thanks a lot

A very interesting game :)
Please, will you share the p8 file too ?
We need it to play on TV with the Pico8 Engine. I can't play your game if you pack it for an OS. On Batocera we launch the p8 file with emulationstation.

Thanks a lot

WOAW, incredible game on a C64 <3
I'm only playing on emulation, i have no C64 ...
But i love to have a beautiful menu with my games. Have you plan to share with us the front cover un 1080p ? Ang maybe the back cover and the manual in PDF format ?
Thanks a lot for all your work

Merci pour votre réponse c'est gentil.
En fait c'est des jaquettes comme les vrai que on utilise dans les frontend, avant arrière, perso je n'utilise pas la tranche pour faire une vue 3D mais certains oui. Donc pour plaire au plus grand nombre, peut être fournir le modele de jaquette complet à plat que on vois sur le Quickstarter.
Pour le format, au moins du 1200 pixel de haut pour avoir un rendu propre sur la TV :)
Exemple avec mon theme sur ma chaine : 

Rien d'illégal bien sur, on s'y refuse, ce son des fan game tolérés par les éditeurs.

Bonjour, merci beaucoup pour ce jeu que j'avais backé depuis un moment :)
Je vais me faire une joie de le poncer un peu :p
Merci aussi pour le manuel, c'est toujours top de l'avoir même si comme moi on préfère jouer en émulation :)
Par contre il n'y a pas les jaquettes, du coup dans mon jolie frontend ça va être tout moche ou il va falloir que je passe un moment sur Photoshop a trafiquer ce que je trouve dans Google ... Est il possible de nous les ajouter ? Car ça fait partie du plaisir de pouvoir contempler les jaquettes des nos jeux sur notre écran TV <3 Merci encore

A really interesting game, thanks a lot

Great work, thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for this GREAT hack <3

WOAW excellent to discover your project. i love Quake, i love GZDoom, you have made a perfect mix :)
And now with your coop support features, it will be so perfect to play :)
I really wish you will finish it and release a complete game with almost a mini story mode :) Thanks

Excellent, thanks a lot i will try it :)

Hi, your game is cool :)
Will you share te o8 file with us please ?
Or on ?
Thanks a lot