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Thanks a lot for the standalone version <3

Hi, great work, incredible <3
Please will you share the source code to BBS ?
I really want to use it on my TV console please.
Thanks a lot

Yes great game, i love your idea. I think it can make a full good game for sure :)

i've discover your game yesterday on Romhack and i really love it !!!
I m a Tetris fan, i love playing battle with my girl friend :)
Like i've read on other commentary, i will really stand for your next version with a 2 player VS mode with the bad Kraken that trying to kill us ...

Excellent game :) Thanks
Please, can you share with us the P8 file ?
To let us playing your game with libretro emulator on any harware. Thanks

WOAW incredible game, il love the idea :)
Please can you share also a .p8 file or source file ?
I'm only playing games on my TV with an libretro emulator, and i can't do it without P8 file :(


Why is it impossible to buy the game rom to play on emulator if we dont have a Megadrive. Thanks

Et voilà j'ai fais mon petit don :)
Excellent taf, vraiment, toute ma jeunesse ces livres ... ça se voie que ça été fait avec amour :D
Maintenant que le moteur de jeu est codé, si tu as la motivation n'hésite pas en faire d'autres lol
Merci beaucoup

Woaw really impressive to see a real great Zelda like on c64!!! Thanks a lot for it

Excellent to discover you also made this one :)
Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for this great port :) There are no good G&W emulators, and these great games are lost in time ... really wish some like you will take time to release some others like it :) The last Ciment Factory is really cool too and he add Music ... i think it's a good idea in 2020 to give more fun to the games and for young gamer :)

WOAW excellent, second G&W game after the  "Donkey Kong Jr" !!!
So cool for us that haven't good G&W emulators .... and with music in Bonus :)
Really wish some more games will come .... like the Mario, Climber, Zelda .... i have them for real, best G&W games ever ... but never emulated :(

WOAW excellent i will stand for it too :) Thanks

I understand and i know what you write, but i'm not on windows or PC, i can't do it. Only sotion is an update. Like to play the game on Android.

Thanks a lot for this great game remake :)

Thanks a lot for update this great game with your SVGA version :)

WOAW Thanks for the game and the update <3

Hi I've write you on your mail address there are two days and you not answer me ...
I can't use and play your game from the two last versions you're changed the format !! You remove the PAK file and i don't use your game on Windows...
I pay for it two times and give you 8€ ... because i love it and i always supported your work for a long time ...
Please answer to my request.

Your game is really one of the best ever released on OpenBOR engine !!!
I love it and play it a lot with my little daughter <3

But please, is it possible to have an update of your fantastic game to make it working fine on last OpenBOR engine ? So scripts are crashing and we can"t play it on many devices :( For exemple on Raspberry PI ... i can't never finish it for the moment :(

- Slow down on second level ... one background layer is too big and take too many memory or CPU i don't know ?
- There's an exception while executing script 'updateentityscript' data/chars/misc/grab/grab1.txt Function need a valid entity handle, the other 2 integer parameters are optional: performattack(entity, int anim, int resetable) Script function 'performattack' returned an exception, check the manual for details. parameters: <VT_EMPTY> It's so bad because your game is one of the best ever released on OpenBOR engine <3

Excellent <3

I love it, thanks a lot :)