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A really interesting game, thanks a lot

Great work, thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for this GREAT hack <3

WOAW excellent to discover your project. i love Quake, i love GZDoom, you have made a perfect mix :)
And now with your coop support features, it will be so perfect to play :)
I really wish you will finish it and release a complete game with almost a mini story mode :) Thanks

Excellent, thanks a lot i will try it :)

Hi, your game is cool :)
Will you share te o8 file with us please ?
Or on ?
Thanks a lot


Ok i understand a part of your reason ...
1. But if i understand fine, the game is always the same, it is only packed with an EXE file. It will not give you more work.
2. For this part i understand, i also work with many projects, like my RVGM video game museum, or the youtube channel RETROVISION, or also on game development wit OpenBOR, and yes it is really bad when some one take our work to share it on a crappy web site, and modify or sell it ... :( For sure i understand this point. But like you have write, some have also share your EXE game, it will change nothing if the share also a P8 file format. I think that p8 fil will not interest them anymore, not ready and easy to use. The only interest is for gamers like us on for exemple Batocera. It's why i also have ask to the author of POOM to share his p8 file, and now we can play it fine on Batocera, for users that have paid for the official engine. 
I really wish you will share your complete game in a near future, a single level is not really interesting for us, but it is a good idea for the BBS site, for sure :)
Thanks for your work and your answer

WOAW !!! great update :)
But you have again missed to share the P8 file ... with all users on Batocera and many systems we can't play your game :(
Please, really, like others, share the p8 file to let us play your game :)
I know you think your 5 versions are enough, but not, on an integrated system with ES launcher we can only play p8 games :(

WOAW really impressive <3
I really wish to try it, will you also share the P8 file ?
I have search for it on but you have miss them :(
For my part i use my licensed pico8 engine on Batocera and i can only launch p8 file. I can't use a packed game, like all other Batocera, Recallbox, EmuElec, Retrobat ... users :(
Please think to share it :)

WOAW your work is amaizing, the best version ever of this game <3
The sound track is so excellent !!!

This game is an excellent idea for OpenBOR :) Thanks

ok thanks a lot, because i have search there before asking you :)
WOAW infinite levels, excellent <3

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Excellent idée, i love this game :) 
How many levels have you include in the game please ?

And can you share the p8 file ? i can't use your game on my system like it.
I must launch a p8 file with the engine with my menu on my TV.

WOAW, incredible port, thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot, i have finaly find it on the Pico web site :) Bur for sure it will help other users ... your game is excellent !

WOAW incredible to discovert this DEMAKE of my favorite game <3
I know it is an old project now :( But please, will you take time to finish it ?
Thanks a lot

Incredible, i love the original game, thanks a lot for this crazy demake :)
Now if you can add montures and different mechanics and handicaps would take this to the next level.

Yes i understand. But i miss some graphics for a game i have paid ... it is not really fine. I only play Pico-8 on my TV, with Batocera, and we launch games with a launcher. We can only launch p8 games, the real cartridge format :(

Ok thanks a lot for all these informations. I was afraid that the Lexaloffle was a demo version, but if it is a complete one it is perfect :)
I will test you oser games thanks ;)

Hi, thanks a lot for this game, i have paid for the PREMIUM package and i have discover you don't share the .P8 file :(
I'm so sad because i can only use it to play on my system. It is it possible to share it please ? Thanks

Excellent, thanks for your work :)
I've buy your game but you are not sharing the .p8 file, and i can only use it on my system. Is it possible to share it please?

Incredible, fantastic work !!! Thanks a lot

Ok thanks a lot for the answer :)

Excellent game, this version is an update of the Lexaloffle version, the version 0.1
Please can you share the new p8 file with this title update and maybe more ... Thanks

Excellent remake, for sure. Thanks a lot

Thanksa lot for this game, it's really fun to play with it :)

Thanks i love this game :)

This game is really excellent, please can you share the p8 file to let us use it on any hardware with our Pico-8 exec.
Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for your answer. I m not a développer. But i will stand for your update. Take your Time ... 😉

WOAW your demake is so fantastic, i love it :)
But i'm really so sad ... i can't play it with my real PICO8 engine on my Batocera PC :(
If i understand fine i must use your modified version, but i can't ... i can only use the real engine :(
Is it really impossible to make a version working fine on the real engine please ?
Thanks a lot

Amazing game

Excellent game, thanks a lot

WOW incredible !!!

Hi, thanks a lot for this great work :)
Is it possible to have a P8 file version please to use it with a graphical launcher :)
Thanks a lot

So bad to not sold the full rom for emulators gamers ...

Thanks a lot for this game, it is really fun. Can you consider to share too the p8 file please ? I use it on emulator to play on my TV. Thanks

Good work, excellent to see this game ported on A2600. Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for this great game 

Really excellent to found an AGS game from France and near my home :)
I leave in Nimes and it's really a pleasure to play your game :)
But i have two problems :(
- First on video we can see french words, but it's not all the time, the game is only in English. So bad my children will can't play it.
- But my real big problem is that you have packed the game in the EXE file. I can't use it because i play on linux on my TV with the real AGS engine. It's write you use it but we can't. Is it possible to have an EGS compatible version please? It's not like if the game was free. It's the only solution for me to play your game. Thanks a lot.