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Hey, Neco. Yes you absolutely tried and we appreciate that, thanks for playing and showing off our work. You're right, some things aren't meant to do that, we are working on it but are short on time currently. An update will be coming shortly that should have most of this ironed out. Thanks for giving it a shot though.

Hey, Nathan Blake. Yeah there are still a few issues and thanks for the suggestion about mentioning the bug in the description. We are absolutely still adding to this and trying to make it as good as it deserves but time was against us. There will be an update as soon as we can manage it along with a teaser of what may come later. We're really glad you liked it all the same.

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Hey DatMasterHunts. There are some obvious issues at present but release was required. Fix one thing, break a bunch of others, you know how development is. Thanks for playing and we're really happy you like even where it's up to. We'll let you know when it's been updated. We WILL have a good time.

Hey CoalFire, thanks for playing. Yeah, it seems like there were some issues going on that we didn't come up against in development, so they will be looked into soon as the game is still being developed. Updates are coming but we're happy you gave it a shot!