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Sorry to hear that your life is acting up.

Hope it gets better for you soon.

If not, would you mind if someone else took over the project? (Same engine or not, I don't know - won't be me, because I will probably just screw it over even *more*).

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By the looks of things, yeah. Been six months and we haven't even heard a "hey, not dead yet, sorry for no information". Shame, game had a lot of potential. 

That's the final scene at the moment. If you run into those, it's likely the final scene in the current version.

Glad to hear you're finally able to work at the game again - let's hope that life decides to not go full "Hah nope" for 3+ months again. 

It's the end at the moment. Whenever you come into one of those scenes, it's most likely the last one for now. 

I found a minor bug (might be intentional?); I used the book on Pinkie, said that I pranked her, she left and I could still use the book (the same scene played out again, just without Pinkie being present). 

Yes, I did. 

I checked it myself - gray screen for me, too. I tried it on Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome as well - did not work on Firefox (might be because I never update it, admittingly...) but it did work on Opera and Chrome. I suggest you grab either of those two and it should work.

Just curious, what webbrowser are you using? I want to see if the same thing happens for me.

Looking forward to the next update!

From what I've seen, it ends after you meet with RD/AJ. Once you head back into the school, it ends (at least it does for me). 

Sounds like a bug. After lunch ends, I just walk to the door and I'm right back inside again.