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Keep in mind, all new updates are for the steam version only. Please head to steam and support my game there. I have recently added advanced graphics and a sandbox mode!

Oh ok, I was looking at that earlier. I decided to spend the money and buy Sonic Ether's bloom. It works really well! Thanks for the help anyways.

This is awesome! What do you use for the bloom effect? I tried with the standard Unity one but It wasn't really working.

Just a reminder to follow me on Twitter for up to date news, development on this game will now resume at a normal pace. https://twitter.com/impulse_sp...

That was actually something I was planning on including as an update, however I have had no time because of school. Thanks for your support!

It seems the executable was not found and could not run. Perhaps try reinstalling it into a different directory or just the desktop. Thanks for your interest in my game!

Fixed it!

I'm so glad you liked it! Also I'm sorry for the weird UI / menu scaling problems (I'll work on fixing that right away).

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Please share any feedback you might have here.