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oh i think i fixed it by deleting the game and downloading it again fixed it 

i think it only happens when im on the pc (in game) and it comes up with a thing saying code error or something and also when i buyed UH1Y he then told me to go back to the vehicle shop to buy something but the lady didn't have anything for me to buy

the game told me to buy a vehicle even tho i had the UH1Y and it won't let me buy something at the vehicle shop also if i do something something shows up saying theres a error

aww maybe next time


can I burn vermander?

great story!

J.P. Vermander is a great villain and I really hope he comes back and i hope if he does we get to beat the hell out of him :)

your welcome

when I went upstairs i saw the little guy ran by me so I was like 'no thank you I'm leaving please door open open OPEN'


if you ever want to work on a game to together just ask :) also i'm not good at coding but I can come up with the ideas story and characters (well not all of them)

I don't know how to code yet.... but I want to work on and make games even help others with ideas or something if you ever wanted to make a game with me all you need to do is ask

it would be cool if you made a open world game and the player can visit the places that you have been at in the other games and it would ask you 'would you like to play this memory?' and you get a option like yes and no and the your main goal of the game is to stop the monster from even going near the place in the first place you still have to play as the other characters to hide them but you play as your main character and if you take to long a demon will try and kill you or the other characters anyways can't wait to see what else you make and also can't wait to play this 

and we need more games like this that someone breaks into your house (i know there are a lot but i meant ones that aren't a ps1 horror game)

your welcome idk if you will make it free its really up to you if it would be free one day but anyways can't wait to see what else you will come up with also did you make a monster girl gotta catch em all game on game joit?

thanks and I wander whats next for this story 

the woman from the door sounds good for the 2nd game maybe with the same characters as this game but you have to help others hide and Junior could be a teen or something anyways I haven't played yet I am soon but I bet I'm going to lose a lot 

I would like to play this for fun but it cost money but I like the idea and the models look great for a fnaf sex fan game great job

what's the story of the game it looks good

oh ok

my save file is gone well i think thats bc I was playing on browser and didn't Download the game

the best idea ever and did the creator say they are going to update the game?

that doesn't make sense bc wooly is dead and the monster is amanda as well

will you update this game like I would like to see more episodes and characters hack even a part where we ran away from the mouse thing

(1 edit)

i like the idea and is the micky mouse?(the monster that is in the game)

this game looks great its sad that it won't be free but maybe someday i might get it but its really well done for a porn fnaf fan game 

nvm found it

loved the game the story was great I got the good ending first try somehow lol anyways can't wait to see what other games you will make and I thought this was a horror game bc it was next to some horror games but now i found it was on all kinds of games lol but all characters were good  keep up the great work and maybe you can make a horror game but its up to you anyways can't wait to see what comes next