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try this

for now, the development is on hold, but it will prob get back soon, thx

That was fun and unique, who needs a game engine anyways?, nice game, if you make the story less repetitive it would be even better, keep going pal

lol, thanks for playing

yea, I'm aware of it, going to tweak some of it in the next update, thx for pointing out.

thanks for playing, really appreciate it


try this

1: you can't change suits... yet

2: I may add it in the next update

thx for playing :D

no problem bro, keep going

Undyne stan detected, nice game tho

bro, instead of a flashlight u gave me a glow stick lol, great game tho, loved the atmosphere

may I present to you Mr.ALT-F4

Nice Idea, better make a option to lower the graphics tho

muleke transcendeu kk

its so scuffed....

I love it.

this is karlson, but not karlson, I think its NOSLRAK

good job boner

finally some one with a brain

well yes, but actually no


like a Detective updade

the detective task is to kill the Impostor

dude... why you are not hired by the Innersloth?


(1 edit)

we have the Crewmate

we have the Impostor

but when we could have the Detective

who is someone?

save the world, my final message, good bye...


vsauce its proud of you...

You put a smile in my face :D

lmao I loved the title "agent T U B E"