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Hello, DyneWulf!

I have to admit, this game is absolutely amazing in all aspects! The art style is quite nice, the Soundtrack is quite charming, the characters are relatable, expressive and actually develop their personality over the course of the game; and, most importantly, the plot is really amazing. 

It's quite, quite easy to spend around 6hrs~ in any of the characters routes (without rushing) just reading how the plot will develop; I can't really state how much I love the attention to detail this game has (given that a single choice can completely modify how a scene plays out, either immediately or later, enhancing replayability and making your choices feel significant.)

Well... I think I've run out of words to describe how I feel about this lol. It has brightened my days a lot, and; even in its incomplete state, the game is absolutely marvelous. 

I hope I could get 10$ (or more) to donate once the game gets released ;-;, Dollars on Venezuela are pretty much a luxury, and it makes me feel bad not giving a lil' bit of financial support for the game.

P.S.: Oh gods, Maria is absolutely the best gurl. Seriously! 

P.S.2.: Everybody is really, really unfairly handsome. Except Isaac, perhaps. XD

Bludgeons & Krakens community · Created a new topic Hey!
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I've tried the game - completed it, and loved it so far. It has a lot of content (Well, not much if you don't spend half the game resting after each battle, lol)

I liked the learning curve of the game, I had some difficulty in the beginning but got the hang of it later.

So far I have tried the Ranger and Rogue Classes - and stuck with Rogue in the end. I feel Rogues are pretty lackluster early (because of the low starting constitution, maybe. I tried the Arena mode for a bit but I only managed to stay until stage 4), although they get too Overpowered later in the game. Max crit I've seen is 3516, could be a little more vs Dragons due to Dragon Stompers; and around 2300-2700 vs other enemies.

Eh, here are some screenshots of how I ended the game (except that on the first image there's the Mereid Charm, rather than the Fallen star because you acquire it after the final fight)

Strangely enough, the Artisan items I had equiped were enchanted purely with... weapons. The Mask's increased Spell Defense after Crit was very useful against Witches in The Coven, and generally there's always an enemy that deals Shock, Fire or Frost damage.. Enchanted gloves with Malice Striker because of it's sustain. I had enchanted the Armor with the Holy Lance buff - I can reliably say that it's a too powerful one. Pretty much a permanent 30%-50% Damage increase.

I also haven't unlocked two New game modes, it seems.

I was wondering - Is there more stuff going to be added? I'm not really sure if the Noxius Cavern was added just for leveling purposes, besides the other items you get after defeating the final boss(es?).

I'd gladly pay for Bludgeons & Krakens it, If only I had money, I really love the game. :(

P.S.: I didn't even bother getting the item needed to kill the hermit - I just went and flurry-ed it to death, lol.

P.S. 2: What's the deal with the lone, dead tree around a field of other trees, and the um, stone circles? (Although I wouldn't mind not knowing in the case it is actually part of the game :o)

P.S. 3: The only thing I need a Spoiler with is: Where's the last Armor Core? I had gotten the Coven (Or was it the Citadel?) one, the Chapel of Ghouls one, and the one in the Temple of Ostx.