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I absolutely love this game! Very open to flavor as you'd like. I actually used it to write someone a "Get Well Soon" message and they loved it. The apprentice didn't do so well at first, but the customer is patient as the apprentice learns alchemy. This made for a fun message.

A very fun way to imagine the cosmos. You can play the recommended time or a little longer like I did because I got lost in the myth I was creating using the game.

I know It is a little late into the Jam, but it would be amazing to be able to make my game available in Spanish. I grew up in a Latin household watching los noticieros with my family. This was also the time when the cryptid, el chupacabras, was gripping the community's imagination. I don't know if I could translate this game properly myself since I do not know all the technical terms in Spanish. I am willing to team up with someone to either co-translate OR interchange games to translate (I can translate from Spanish into English). If you are interested, I can send over the document. Thank you!

Beautiful inner experience that welcomes the player to witness the transformation of the crab and the self.

I never played a map-making game before until this game. My friend and I played this separately and then shared notes about the town we were uncovering. I also played it along with the audio soundtrack and it made for some really eerie atmosphere!

I read the threads below and I like that the diamonds don't get reshuffled in. It's a reminder that resources are not infinite, which adds to the atmosphere.

Fantastic game! The whole experience is wonderful from reading the rules to actual play. Reading the rules felt more like reading a great story; and the actual play was a lot of fun! Great for experienced and newbie players. I can't wait to play again!

Great concept! A very intriguing way to examine the human psyche while playing a game. I really enjoyed the Edgar Allen Poe feel. Very chilling and unsettling at times, but done in the right way. 

A very beautiful experience. The atmosphere of the game is lovely and leaves a lot of room for various moods and tones. I am looking forward to playing again and exploring various communities and what is gifted to them. Thank you!

Thank you for playing and for your post! It makes me happy to know that someone enjoyed this ^_^

Oh this looks REALLY cool!!!! I will have to play this when I get a chance!

There isn't a standard on having various versions of the file. The other files were to have various sizes for what people want. The What's-So-Cool-About games are meant to be cut and pasted in a notebook from what I understand. So I made versions to be true to the style (but what if someone doesn't want that? Did I even get the formatting correctly? Let's do a simple PDF in case XD  ) 

Have a smorfy day as well! 

Thank you so much!!! I thought a lot about the elements of the show and what would work with this! If you play it, let me know how it goes!

Thanks! ^_^

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oh woops! Thanks for the heads up, I will try to edit those

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Thank you so much for organizing!

This was very well written with clear explanations. This helped me understand 2 stat games from the development point of view which helped me see games from various angles, as a player, a GM, and a writer. Thank you!

I LOVE this game. I like the "Supernatural" feel to the game and I really like the mechanics. The rules-lite and tables made this super easy for both a new GM and new players to pick up and have a great game! Thank you!

I played this game with another person and it was such a silly time! We loved it! The tables provided made it super fun and easy to come up with some wacky characters and narrative. The heckling was also funny and became part of the narrative during our play through. I hope to be able to play with a larger group and see how that goes!

Tried this out the other night and it was fun! Very straight forward and simple enough to get into quickly. The formatting is also very lovely.

‘Occulteas’ is a lovely game to read with such a cozy feel. It is also very thoughtful. The game includes charts to roll for setting, ideas on what to include in the tea shop and ways to expand your experience with the game which lends itself to a lot of replay-ability as it is open to various uses and set up. 

I could tell that a lot of love and attention went into creating this game. This game is very friendly for all levels of players and really is a lot of fun.

My session of ‘Occulteas’ with my players was a blast and a hit! Game-play maintains that same level of coziness that is set up in the tone of the writing. My players were very happy with this game and the session was filled with a lot of collaborative narrative, laughter, creative game-play, and warmth. At the end of the session, everyone left feeling rejuvenated and wanting to play again. We are definitely going to be playing again at some point soon.

I just ordered a really nice set of dice. I am looking forward to trying out my new dice and see what they foretell with this game!

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Thanks for your interest and reaching out. Community copies have been left. I hope you enjoy the game ^_^

Hi! Thank you so much for taking a look at my work and leaving me feedback. I will take that into consideration and play around with graphics.

This is a very cute and light-hearted game! This game captures the child-like wonder of exploring a place. The innocence of a child is also written into the card descriptions. The market is wonderfully described and built through the detailed descriptions provided. Each card builds other cards, which builds the excitement to explore the market. The game is very wholesome and fulfilling!

This book was such a joy to read. I’m not a huge gamer, but I am a big Kirby fan and have played many of the Kirby games in the franchise. The author makes wonderful points about gaming, and specifically about Kirby’s Dream Land, that I hadn’t realized. There was a lot of learning about life, social interactions, gaming, and Kirby! There was some repetition in the book, but the repetition builds on itself and the themes in the chapter. 

Something that I would have liked, moreso because it is personal preference, is if the chapters of the books had titles to let me know what the main topic was, especially given some of the repetition, though, the quotes at the beginning of each chapter does provide that context. I’m grateful to have been able to read about one of my favorite characters and get more insight about this game, but also about gaming and self development.

This is such a fun game! I played it because my group couldn’t meet and it was a lot of fun. I loved all the different possibilities for character creation and story telling and it is all done in a streamlined and easy way. I keep going back to the game to play when I need to play something quick and it has been great each time. This micro rpg is a gem!

I just played this game and it was such a delight. The game prompts build on each other and rolls provide enough randomness to keep it creative. It was great to see how everything was connected and used to build the story. I like the option about how much in depth one can go into with the responses, making the game as long as you want it to be. My character didn’t make it out, but I hope that the next character does!

This is a great game for character creation. I played this using the name of one of my characters and it was fun to use to get to know my character in a new way. The prompts are thought provoking in a fun way. I could see using this as both a game and as a tool for character creation or development.

I am mostly new to ttrpgs and got curious about running games, but was very unsure as to where or how to start. This book was a great place to start! The book provides a lot of practical advice and insight into what GMing is like. Reading the book allowed me to see into the mind of a GM and what you need to bring into a game to be able to run one. The book is written in a clear way and makes it super friendly for anyone at any level to be able to pick up.

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I recently played this game and it was so much fun! The experience begins with the document itself. The graphics are very well laid out and formatted beautifully. The rules are very clear and easy on the eyes. (Though one section was a little unclear at first about an aspect of the monster card. It was confirmed that yes, you shuffle it in face down. If while exploring the forest and you come across the monster card without having found 4 monster tracks, you keep exploring the forest.)

As I explored the forest, the grid of cards, it felt very much like an adventure. The descriptions are very beautifully written and very immersive. The imagery made it super easy to envision the world that my hunter was in. I didn't read the descriptions before hand so it really did feel like I was exploring the board, or the forest. Though I'd imagine that reading them before hand wouldn't take away from the experience because it's the combination of the cards in the grid that makes each forest (grid) a brand new, exciting place to explore.

During my play through, I simultaneously felt as the hunter exploring and hunting, while also cheering on for the hunter as the player. I was excited to turn over each card to not only see what would happen to the hunter,  but to also see the world in which the hunter was operating in. It is very obvious that a lot of care and attention went into creating this world.

The final battle, though is only a serious of rolls, still provides enough tension to make it exciting. The description of the monster and it's lair or place it frequents, gives a lot of opportunity for the player to create a scene of the final battle.

My hunter barely made it out of the encounter, but victorious nonetheless! And what's great is that the game has a built in system for rewards for successful hunts.

At the start of my session, I had decided to write out my character’s thoughts in a log journal format. I'm so glad I did because this is a game I will definitely be replaying. I look forward to going on another monster hunt!!!

So just to update on my first comment. I have replayed this game various times and love it! I've been journaling the brave adventures of Munting Mamarang and it has turned into a little lore. And it is great because it is a simple enough game to be able to pick up whenever, whether I have a little bit of time and energy or have plenty of time and energy. I can always add as much or as little as I want. I have been enjoying the adventures that have been unfolding for Munting Mamarang!

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I played this recently and enjoyed it very much. It is very tactile and allows for creativity around the experince of making tea. The game allowed for a very relaxing and fun time. The tea at the end was such a wonderful bonus allowing for a relaxing reflective moment. I will definitely be playing again.

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This short game provides for such great world building and character development. The prompts and mechanics are direct enough to provide clear direction and also open enough for much creative expression. 

I ended up playing for a few hours because I wanted to really take my time contemplating what was being built and the story being created. It ended up turning into a beautiful story about recovering from self doubt, friendship/community, and healing from our inner demons. 

I also ended up rolling to randomize some aspect, but this is by no way needed to enhance the game. The tarot system allowed for inspiration for beautiful narration. 

If you are unsure about getting this game, please get it. It is wonderful.

I just played this game and it is so cute and simple. I needed a quick little game and this was perfect. The game is super simple and requires very little equipment. The card is also very cute. 

The descriptions are very helpful in allowing the player to imagine up a scenario. You can make the game as simple or as involved as you like. I ended up journaling the adventure and the encounter and ended up with a very simple little one pager log for my little hero. Definitely will be replaying at some point!

Totally understandable, business cards are tiny. Which is why I was wondering if it were possible. You did an amazing job with the space! (Considering going back to edit first post.)

Oh yeah I was referring to the business card size one. Sorry, I wasn't implying to keep everything on one side, but rather, keep categories (sections to role, scenarios, not exactly sure how to describe them) chuncked together (and for sure have the rest on the back). I'm not sure if that helps clarify that. I could definitely see the size being a challenge. A post card would be nice too for this game!  In either case, great concept and great game.

This game is very aesthetically pleasing. I am going to be posting up in my office as a way to stress relief, have some magic, and also have as a reminder to hydrate.

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Perfect for when you need a quick game. I played as a super strong, metal, mutant who had a second encounter with their nemesis. Unfortunately they got the better of me, but it was fun conjuring this up. Maybe I will revisit this hero or create another some point soon. 

If you want a quick game, need something to help you get creative, this is definitely the game to play.

Great job at fitting so much into a small space. 

I recently played this game with a friend and we had a blast. (And with just minor prep work, we were able to play via online.) The rules are concrete enough to provide great structure, and flexible enough to make the experince deeply special. The use of tarot cards is very unique and adds to the story in a beautiful way. I was nervous about the ritual aspect, but it actually adds to the game play in way that builds the characters and the world. I would definitely recommend purchasing if you are undecided.  My friend and I still talk about our game play because it was that memorable; we're thinking about playing again sometime soon.