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Does Nel's choice affect partners you can have?

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Thanks for another update! I saved grinding Evie and Galiene as well as treasure hunting Dirn Kibhar Mine for something to do in this update... Which leads to my question... Blissful Herb... Is it bugged? I literally grinded everyone to level 80 here and that's the only common treasure I got (aside from gold and silver with the treasure finder of course.) Grinding on the golems with level 60 characters take forever too, no other common treasure took this long to get not to mention my gobs of greatest alchemite farming for two common treasures. Is this a bug or are the other two common chests just that uncommon? 

Where's the android version?

So is this game dead then? I've tried playing through past the first dungeon and it crashes every time. I don't want to skip anything.

The training game I've always wanted! Laura, Sara and Elise are a must. Some NPCs would be a great addition as well such as (can't remember their names exactly ;p) occult girl, artist girl, yaoi writer (because she's insane and could add cringy/awkward moments :D) and Gaius's mom lol. Someone asked below but I'm also curious if patreon scenes will always be locked or slowly become available with public updates? I'll leave a review after a few more updates, right now it feels bare without interactive interactions and story/characters need fleshed out a bit more then it currently is but otherwise it looks and reads great and the map creation tool was a cool choice 😎 I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

One of my fave games on the site, more content please! 🥰

🤞 that's what I'm hoping for, more extreme exhibitionism from Nel and Violet and potentially some from Celica gradually enjoying it until she's a full-blown nudist. 🥰

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Don't delete 😁, once you get the pattern of what enemies to kill for fast levels you reach max level pretty quick and never really run out of money. It's the treasures that's the punk, unless you're completionist then they're not even really that necessary.

Android 👍

Can we get an Android version?

Honestly I'd leave them both so there's variety, the old picture needs fixed a little bit but her face looks really good.

Can we get an Android version?

Good to hear 😁

Looking forward to it 😊

My fave game on thus far😏 thanks

Let's go with an Android release

Is this ever going to be on android or steam?

Love your game, let's get you game on android so i can play it more 😁👍

For $7 I can buy 4 rockstars and do anything else for half an hour.

Rapunzel - NSFW community · Created a new topic =\

Please tell me this is going to be one of your full fledged training games.

That's just what they refer to her as when describing the nuns, I just roll with it. 

Damn... I was so looking forward to this but it's still so broken it's almost unplayable... Ohh well there's always next update 😒

Okay, I'm aware of the 1.... Are there no planed implementation dates for the rest? 

Do you remove holiday events or do they stay?

I'm enjoying the game, thanks! When will the clothing options and indecent acceptance be implemented?

Woooooot!🙌 More for the brunette too 😲🤌

Is this game dead in the water? informed me of an update but there's nothing new... Checked Patreon, nothing new. Come on dev, we need more shit to buy for her and the ability to do lewd stuff in town 🙏

Already bought on steam, if there's an android version thats not a demo, where can I get it?

What they said aswell∆

So far so good, to be fair there's not a whole lot to go off atm. This games is what it is and it's good, until there's significantly more to the game I feel anything would be trivial and nit picking. Money can be an issue especially trying to get a certain characters debt paid after spending all money previously upgrading gear and potions and health recovery needs to be a bit better (healing isn't difficult at all but resting could restore a bit more) more requests/rewards. Nothing really significant but I can tell you what I'd like to see more of which I'm sure is already planned, more interactions with the women 🤣 we need more to do with all the ladies especially ginger slave, nuns, elf, witch and weapon merchant! I want to get his sister back already and have a party member or two. Ability to change outfits for the ladies is a personal favorite, mostly just want more interactions and story.

Android version for your games please 👍

If I recall correctly there's supposed to be a public release this month sometime.

Awesome thanks, how do you get last CG? and there's no options for nudity?