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That's just what they refer to her as when describing the nuns, I just roll with it. 

Damn... I was so looking forward to this but it's still so broken it's almost unplayable... Ohh well there's always next update 😒

Okay 👍 keep up the good work!

Okay, I'm aware of the 1.... Are there no planed implementation dates for the rest? 

I've tried the last couple updates and I get the same error message at start, is it due to joiplay or it's still not fixed?

Do you remove holiday events or do they stay?

I'm enjoying the game, thanks! When will the clothing options and indecent acceptance be implemented?

Woooooot!🙌 More for the brunette too 😲🤌

Is this game dead in the water? informed me of an update but there's nothing new... Checked Patreon, nothing new. Come on dev, we need more shit to buy for her and the ability to do lewd stuff in town 🙏

Already bought on steam, if there's an android version thats not a demo, where can I get it?

What they said aswell∆

As soon as I click new game

So far so good, to be fair there's not a whole lot to go off atm. This games is what it is and it's good, until there's significantly more to the game I feel anything would be trivial and nit picking. Money can be an issue especially trying to get a certain characters debt paid after spending all money previously upgrading gear and potions and health recovery needs to be a bit better (healing isn't difficult at all but resting could restore a bit more) more requests/rewards. Nothing really significant but I can tell you what I'd like to see more of which I'm sure is already planned, more interactions with the women 🤣 we need more to do with all the ladies especially ginger slave, nuns, elf, witch and weapon merchant! I want to get his sister back already and have a party member or two. Ability to change outfits for the ladies is a personal favorite, mostly just want more interactions and story.

Android version for your games please 👍

If I recall correctly there's supposed to be a public release this month sometime.

Awesome thanks, how do you get last CG? and there's no options for nudity?

Android version please?

Is the paid version complete?

Android version?

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Can't wait for public release👍 love it so far!

Sweet, I rarely have time to sit infront of a computer so all my depravity is done from my Android 😏

Love your art style, can we get an Android version please?

Ahh of course, thanks 🙏😊

How do you continue ghost story? It worked the first time you fight her but after that she says she's too tired even if ghost is there.

I enjoy what you've got so far and am looking forward for more but I do have a couple gripes. I have played every update thus far and me personally would rather wait a year for an update with reasonable amount of content then a bunch of mini updates, if you insist on these mini updates atleast add in the notes estimated added gameplay/story so I'm not wasting my time with 10 mins of additional content. Also, I could be wrong and just be missing something but finding all the money spots without the finder is annoying. If the free version don't have access to them all then add that to the notes so we're not looking for them all for nothing, I have found every one of them and I'm assuming to unlock the cheats you find them in her room which there's no access to now since you don't search her room after she leaves. These are trivial gripes and I am following your releases, I would just like a little more information so I know what updates to skip. Thank you for the work you've put into this game and I look forward to more in the future.

So I'm guessing you can only have 1 relationship now? After getting so far with matt I stopped getting literally any evens from any characters, Veronica stopped appearing and was always "busy" Damien got axed, no new club activities. Also even though there's a blonde notice about affecting cgs, you can't view any afterwards, screen went blank during obvious h cgs like with matt. Haven't played in a few updates but the new updates seem to cut 3/4 content if you stick with someone.

Cool, looking forward to it.👍

Not working on Android either.

Cool, thanks.

Playing new content, at the bar fight. Is no way to win on Android? Don't have keys to press.

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Androids touch function seems pretty unstable, had a pretty hard time when first launching and had to click some spots several times to get it to activate. Wasn't much to do at all, when's the next update?

Park isn't implemented yet.

Awesome game, definitely looking forward to more!

Try dl in incognito.

It is definatly a great start to a game with potential... I hope you plan to expand it. Would be great if the game would branch off to let her keep treating you like crap or break her and give her the spanking she deserves.

Just go play witch trainer, thats where the resources came from.

Can I get your discord link and possibly a email for review questions?

I've already done all that talked to Throb in the Inn and did all of his side quests still nothing.

I really like the game but im cockblocked, it's been a few moths since i last played the game and I've updated the game. I still cant access the new content, gag rum wont work but I've been able to make drinks so I don't understand what I'm missing. Do I need to make a new save or uninstall and reinstall, is there a guide?.