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Ahh i understand. I decided to get it for my phone since I would be able to play it when commuting and what not.  I've played it and its really fun. Best 10$ ive spent in a while!

Hey, I was just wondering if there is anyway to play on iphone and windows without paying 10 dollars for each, like there is with the android apk. If not I will prolly just buy it on Iphone, since I it is more convienient for me. 

Sorry for the dramatics yesterday, it was a very stressful day for me with projects due and studying for finals. I must've just felt the need to release my built up stress on something so i commented here like ten times, my bad.

I guess so, still dissapointing

Is there no ther way to donate?

Why did the kickstarter have to end?

Ahhh gosh dang. I missed it, wouldve donated tho! Wish you success

X will ask what ship they are in so.....

i checked here  it shows a file but its not clickable