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I rarely get invested in an mv story, especially if it tries to be serious, but this little game surprised the hell out of me by making me care! By the end I got sentimental and called my bro: )
On a technical side, I wish there was a way to disable analogue input for aiming, as it was jumping all over the place due to my controller's smaller-than-usual dead zone. Had to add the game to Steam and increase the artificial dead zone using Steam Input.

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Whow! I never knew this was a thing! That totally worked, though it took a while!

Do you, by any chance, know what NOR memory normally does in EZ Flash, and what is the difference with PSRAM?: )

Sadly doesn't work with EZ-Flash IV - simply not enough RAM on that one to load it.

I'd love to make more Serena games in the future, but must pay bills first lol

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As much as I would've loved to see a 512k version, 1mb is still super freaking impressive, especially with this level of artistic and gameplay polish.

Whoah! Such visual splendor, and it runs on a stock Amiga 500! Absolutely phenomenal job!

An amazing  version of a classic. Bravo!

I do have to say though, some stuff is a bit off in a noticeable way. The enemy spawn, for one, is far too high! The arcade original version did have this issue once in a while, but here it's all the time - you literally can't take a step without 4 rats and  3 cucumber-men spawning all around you. This really throws off the timing of a lot of actions.

Occasionally,  powerups can't be collected - you break a stone, and it spawns a collectable, but the player simply can't pick it up. The most upsetting one was a life level 4.

The powerup randomization is off in a major way. It seems truly random here, as opposed to being somewhat predetermined in the arcade.

The mountain background pops up with an incorrect palette for single frame when starting the game.

Not sure how much of this is the fault of my emulator isn't clear.

Demo has been updated.

I am not entirely sure what you mean. Are you asking for the updated demo? If so, it might take me a couple of weeks to get that working again.

Did you play the main game or just the demo? If it was the demo - I will need to upgrade that to the newest version at some point, as it only represents the original 2013 release.

I would absolutely buy this as a rom. It's not exactly the game I'd want a boxed copy of in my collection, but would still love to play it on an Everdrive.

Has this project been abandoned, or is it still going? It'd be fantastic to see this ported to MD!

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Please include the MD rom with this release. Will certainly buy it then!  Whoops! The game is free now? Can we still get the MD rom though?

Wonderfully done, but did anyone here have any luck running the game under retro8_libretro?

Very cool!

The giant HUD gave me distinct PC-98 vibes.

Thank you! Exactly what I was going for:)

Making as sequel BTW!

Any way to import my AGD 3.0 game into the newest version 4.7? I'd hate to redo the game from scratch.

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Unfortunately the controller support is a bit spotty, especially on non-Windows platforms, and there is very little I can do to help. People who came up with ways of emulating the 360 pad under Linux were able to get their controllers to work, but not being a Linux guy, I wouldn't be able to say how.

I have long been working on an update to the game that may solve this issue, as well as a whole bunch of other ones (60 fps, larger play window, optional 4:3 mode, turbo-speed, better controller support, redefine keys menu, better game balance etc). Hopefully I'll be able to release it sometime soon.

Linux controller woes should be fixed as of RC6 Update!

Upped the newest Linux build RC5A49 - the one with all the new item-use animations and new parallax effects.

Upped the newest Linux build!

Due to changes to both, GameMaker and Oracle VM software, I can no longer reliably test my games under Linux. I am in process of setting up a real linux box, but it's proving a lot more difficult and time-consuming than I expected. I can, ofcourse, just upload an older Linux build here, but that's not something I like doing.