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Wonderfully done, but did anyone here have any luck running the game under retro8_libretro?

Very cool!

The giant HUD gave me distinct PC-98 vibes.

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Here's another one - pressing the "back" button on the diary screen unceremoniously dumps you to the title screen. Did this twice now: (

Also, the game's video refresh froze when I left it sitting with a dialogue open for about half an hour (it was the "Why is the portrait upside down?" one on the third day.) I could still hear the audio of the text output playing, and I could hear myself advancing dialogue, but the screen stayed frozen.

I seem to be experiencing all sorts of bugs, and so far haven't been able to progress past day 4 despite trying about 5-6 times.

Thank you! Exactly what I was going for:)

Making as sequel BTW!

Any way to import my AGD 3.0 game into the newest version 4.7? I'd hate to redo the game from scratch.

Unfortunately the controller support is a bit spotty, especially on non-Windows platforms, and there is very little I can do to help. People who came up with ways of emulating the 360 pad under Linux were able to get their controllers to work, but not being a Linux guy, I wouldn't be able to say how.

I have long been working on an update to the game that may solve this issue, as well as a whole bunch of other ones (60 fps, larger play window, optional 4:3 mode, turbo-speed, better controller support, redefine keys menu, better game balance etc). Hopefully I'll be able to release it sometime soon.

Upped the newest Linux build RC5A49 - the one with all the new item-use animations and new parallax effects.

Upped the newest Linux build!

Due to changes to both, GameMaker and Oracle VM software, I can no longer reliably test my games under Linux. I am in process of setting up a real linux box, but it's proving a lot more difficult and time-consuming than I expected. I can, ofcourse, just upload an older Linux build here, but that's not something I like doing.