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I liked what I played so far. Can't wait for the finished version. Lovely art btw.

Oh neat o! Thanks.

The artwork is so solid. <3

Is this the english translated version from the DL site?

Is there a ultra bundle so I can buy all your works in one shot? I hate having to go through paypal multiple times.


They need a raise. They're like the beautiful honeys over at Zishy

I just wanted to give ya props. It looks promising and the dialogue is decent so far. Keep it up bro!

Fix your link plz


Have you thought about putting this on steam?

Really fun. Kinda wish I could see them naked. LOL

Any futa on male?

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Cute.  Good ending makes me wish I had a download for this. It jams after you beat it, go to the title screen, then reload a save.

THIS IS SO FUN! But I hate the guy with the big fist.

Yeah I backed it.

Very fun. Very cute.

I liked this, but it reminded me of Pac-Man a lot. IDK why.

Fun game, even if I did keep blowing the engine. XD

This new update is very good. Cheers.

I'll let you know after I'm done redownloading it. I think I had a older version or something. :/

How do you make it run in window mode? It's really zoomed in for me.

Well only if they were nice lol. Also thanks.

Someone spoil it for me and tell me if the dog dies. I won't play it if the dog dies.

Very sad story of revenge.

Very good art though. 7.5/10

Doh. Thanks.

Is that Akabur?

He looks like a delicious piece of beef jerky.

How do I pay for this? It keeps saying it only accepts mxn.

In future updates can we kill Darnell?

Downloaded this because guys on 4chan don't stfu about it. It's brought up on a lot of threads. Anyway, Rye is unappealing in every way possible. Hopefully someone else will be worked on next.

Very creepy and a quick 'widget' kinda game. I love the art though. Also whoever did the  music needs to know they're fantastic. Hopefully this will gain pace and people will see it as a hidden gem of this site.

That was rather cute. Good job bro.

I like the graphics.

Love the graphics. Maybe add more options? Thanks.

Download broken.


plz finish. Thanks.