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This was fun but there weren't many options. The art and animation was fantastic tho.

Would recommend.

which one of these is futa on male?

discored announced 0.26 and explained a few things

the tag will make it easier to search for in the search bar

take out butt plug

Last update was May 25 2021

Needs futa tag. Great art tho

Will these be on steam?

Fun game! Hope for more content in the future or an update!

Witch Trainer community · Created a new topic Thanks

Thanks for the best hentai rpg about the HP universe.

You always have the best big breasts in games.

Needs futanari tag and futa on male


It doesn't seem to end. Lovely graphics and VA.

any futa?

any futa on male?

Any with regular dick?

Megadownload is down.

Hey every time I beat Blue Streak the game crashes. I'm playing on the compressed windows version.

It says:

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 457, in execute_pause


TypeError: '>=' not supported between instances of 'float' and 'str'

Solid game. Needs futa on male tag

I'm tempted to tag Arin Hanson on Twitter about this. I'm sure he'd want to put it on his yt show.

"Unfortunately Molly decided to drop out of working on the project"

I am now anti-Molly.

" as we continue development! "

I know. I am just eager beaver.

This was fun. When is the official release?

Please make this a full game.

cant wait for the full release

I can't seem to purchase this. :/

Rising Up community · Created a new topic Fun game!

What's the sequel?


WOW I'm sorry to hear that. Didn't know submission was so steep!

this on steam?

Danke for the reply

needs futa on male tag

I bought this on steam. I love it. A solid 7/10. Knocked it down because of some plot holes and glitches I found. Other than that its a really neat horror/mystery game. Weird twist ending, but the graphics and audio are cozy of the era this is suppose to represent.

Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply

IslanDeity 0.385a community · Created a new topic futa?

Any in the game?

Any futa on male?

Please post when physical release is. Will buy.