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There was a sentence or two in the tutorial about them. If you choose an ability that can be activated in that menu, you should assign it to a quick-access menu slot and then it can be activated from there.

Hi! .ZIP is the default format for an archive, try using the default Google Files app and unpack it, here is the instruction from Google on how to do it: Other file manager apps should support this function as well

Hi! What platform do you use (Windows/Android/Linux/Mac) and which version of the game you tried to launch? Can you post the screenshot of the error here? Thanks.

Can you provide a screenshot of which animation was broken and what animation was blank in the gallery?

I checked the settings of the free demo, my bad, it's a bug on my side - it should be available, but I forgot to tick the proper checkbox. Thanks for pointing me to this bug, the public demo will be updated along with the next paid update, and this mission will be available there.

I've sent that build to your email, and there will be a fix added to the paid version along with the next update.

is this email "be*******09 (at)" yours? I can send you a temporary build of ver. 0.61 that should work, I guess

Does it happen with the latest free Android version? Did you try to install both ARM64 and ARM v7 builds?

Check the last post in the "Technical issues" section and my replies to it.

Thanks for your request! Partial UI localization for Turkish language will be added to the upcoming update. If you forward me to some communities on the Internet that specialize in localizations of adult games into Turkish - I will be able to localize texts from the missions and Command Center dialogues.

When you bought this game on Itch, you own it permanently. In other words, including all further updates of the game.  I can't name the exact ETA of the next update, it's tied to our Steam release, and I'm working on it, that's all I can say for sure.

I'm afraid that I can't help you then, and I'd like to ask you to wait for the next update then. Maybe it will be able to fix the issue.

I've sent you that build, please, check your email.

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Write your email used for itch purchase to me at darkexecutor2 (at) and I will send you a temporary Android build that might fix your issue. The fix will be rolled out during the next update, as I mentioned before in my previous posts.

Email me at darkexecutor2 (at) with your email address used for the purchase of the game and I will send an invite to the MEGA folder with the latest paid version of the game.  This is a temporary solution until we get to Steam which has its own distribution system with activation keys. The next update will be pushed to that folder, too.

I hope that Steam will become our primary distribution platform instead of Itch. Unfortunately, their approval process is slow, I talked with one of the publishers and he said that it will take at least one month to get us there if the review goes okay.  If you bought the game on itch, you can contact me via one of the methods mentioned above and provide your email address used for the purchase of the game. I will verify it and send you an invite to MEGA folder that has the latest paid version of the game for those who purchased it before. This is a temporary solution until we get to Steam which has its own distribution system with activation keys. The next update will be pushed to that folder, too.

Hi! Please,  check your email, I've sent you an invite to MEGA folder with the latest paid version of the game. The fix for Android will be uploaded there later. The game will continue to support Android as long as it's possible, but its builds will be distributed to users without itch.

Hi! Please,  check your email, I've sent you an invite to MEGA folder with the latest paid version of the game. The fix for Android will be uploaded there later.

Hi! I'm aware of issues with our latest Android build and I found a solution to fix it. It will be published on itch here soon along with a new game update (version 0.62). Thanks!

1) Unpack the .zip archive with Guilty Force on your Linux somewhere;

2) Find GuiltyForce.x86_64 file;

3) Click on its properties and make sure that you can run the x86_64 file as an executable;

4) Run this file as an executable, for example with a command like ./"GuiltyForce.x86_64"

5) Enjoy! (64-bit version of Linux is mandatory)

Hi! I answered this question on Patreon and on Discord, so I will answer it here, too. There was something changed on the internal part of the Unity Android compiler that caused this frequent error on some devices. I will try to migrate the game to a newer version of Unity for the next release and check if it can fix this problem.

Does it happen with public version 0.215 or it happens with paid version 0.61?

If I understood your question correctly by using Google Translate from Portuguese, my answer is the following: you can empty the belly of the current playable girl while playing in platformer mode in the Pause->Settings menu by using this button. You can disable the belly inflation feature there, too, if you want.

I can recommend these four side-scroller games, available on

1) Xenotake  ( ) - it's the game that inspired me a lot to do this project and its art style;

2) Ghost Hunter Vena ( ) - it's another side-scroller game from the same creator, it has more girls and content;

3) Primeval Planet: Angimanation ( ) - a sci-fi side-scroller game made by a friend of mine, it has complex controls, but more sex with monsters and other stuff closer to Resident Evil;

4) Zetria ( ) - this sci-fi platformer doesn't require the player to lose to unlock the scenes, and it's more focused on monsters, too.

Uncheck "Force feedback" checkbox in Options->Controls tab.

What Android version and phone model do you use?

You didn't wholly extract the game's archive. When you choose the archive with a game (.7z or .zip), click the right mouse button on it and choose "Extract all" or something like this so that it will extract the whole folder and the GuiltyForce_Data folder will be there. You will be able to run the executable file from there.

Try to select any 16:9 resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080) in Options and it will adjust buttons better on your screen. Also, you can try to choose other resolutions to find a better match of the UI to your phone's screen.

If I translated correctly by using Google Translate from Portuguese, you're having performance issues on your phone. Try using these settings in your Options windows and see if the game runs faster.

What bug?

Yeah, use this new enhancement to charm enemies from the existing stages of the game and new animations will be unlocked. It's used only on humans.

Inventory sorting is implemented and it will be available in the next build of the game.

I did the inventory sorting this way in a sequel's code some time ago, I'll try to look if it's possible to implement it in the first game in an easy way, too. They have completely different and separate source codes, so that's why I didn't do it earlier.

The next update, version 0.61, will introduce more scenes with other characters in Command Center and technically you can improve the lust of other crew members by playing HoloJack with them and improve relationships by choosing proper answers in their dialogues. Maybe I'll add more options to the conversations for other crew members to give more opportunities for the player to improve the relationship. Which other crew member did you want to improve Kira's relationship with? Riley / Joanna / Thomas / Alonso / Mateo / Szymon / Jonathan?

What kind of inventory organization system would you recommend? Implementing tabs with item categories (Guns/Throwables/Consumables)?

There were two bug reports connected to weapon attachments and character animations, can you try to unequip your weapon attachments from the currently equipped gun in the Command Center and try to run the mission again? Did it help?

I usually test the game on a device with at least 6 Gb of RAM because it's pretty difficult to run lots of apps on your phone with the latest Android while having 4 Gb or less RAM. Speaking about improvements, the next update will feature a different type of compiler in Unity and version for ARM64 Android devices, so it should perform better, I guess. You can set the graphics quality to Low on your device and re-launch the app. Technically, Low graphics quality on Android means the usage of highly compressed textures in memory and it can help. Also, turn off post-processing and turn on the "ignore background bonus" flag in Settings, it will improve the performance of the game a lot.

I'm glad that it helped! :)

Try to pick and change proper resolution in settings for your phone (1920x1080 or 1280x720, for example) and check how it will adjust to your screen, picking proper resolution will help to get all UI elements on the screen

Does it happen with the paid version or with the free version of the game? Can you provide a screenshot for this bug, pls?