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OH he's aware there an article on PC gamer about this 

proof that some press IS bad press cause the reviews on the rip-off are SAVAGE 

HUH, i guess the church ladies were right Rock and roll IS the devil's music (since Cleveland is where the rock and roll hall of fame is :P)

also MAYBE some incentive for the players to string the words of the spell into something coherent and maybe rhyming

some sugestions on how Clubs could make things go bad could be useful for first time "Dealers" (calling the one running the game a GM or DM feels wrong Dealer works for a couple of reasons)

that will be handy cause I'm sure there will be GM's who struggle with creating new animon and others who will tick off new ones like breathing air 

ahh okay then 

the site says it's on sale for 1% off but it's 10 cents more than the normal price 

he's already doing a collab with DIcebreakers running the game for them 

that's really cool be a good place to stick an Oblex or slime mutated monster variants