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Great game gad fun playing it!

Excellent game I really enjoyed this game! played it in my 3 scary games video check it out! 

Great game played it in my 3 terrifying games slection! 

your welcome!!

Great game and good work replayed it cause i made an error and  combined it in my holiday horror series!

Great game! enjoyed it very scary! 

your welcome good game!!

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Had fun and made a Christmas special, to the game great game!!

Great game very scary and funny

Made a christmas edition of 3 terrifying games! 

You make some amazing games ive played a few of yours in the past! any how this game was scary too!! great job! 

great game!

that's alight I had a fun time playing great job keep up the hard work!!

scary game great job! 

Funny game lol great choice 

Great Game played before but played the updated version omg scary! 

Fun game and fun game to challenge friends!!! 

Game has a bit of bugs randomly die when doing the game correctly! anyhow im sure its good when it works as it is very scary!

Great game! here is my video on it Played for my 2 random games bit! 

Scary game but has some bugs to make it playable just fix some bugs and well good concept! 

Great Game played it for 3 terrifying games  games on my channel!

Great game played it for my 3 Terrifying games really scary! Great work 

AWESOME! THANK YOU for your hard work love your games!

had a blast making a funny joke video thanks for making this game! 

Great game  pl,ayed it for my 3 scary games video come check it out! 

Great job through me off thought id be doing taxes forever haha spooky game great job!! 

Funny game lol had a good laugh 

Great game! very scary game! here is my 3 scary game! 

Great game did myt own version of 3 scary games with it come see!!

OK game here is my version of  3 scary games 

here is my video watch the video i gave ya a rate at the end and looking forward to the full game!

your welcome!!!

Got a new set up and awesome game i think u should win  scream jam 2020!! 


great game very scary!!

Great game gonna get the full game!