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you are most welcomed!

Amazing Game scared the poo[p outta me! looking forward  to this! have not  felt this great in a long time about a horror game so thanks for the experience!

You're welcome and awesome looking forward to checking it out ! Keep up the good work 👏 

Great game  had some fun playing it was a little hard to see at some parts and understand but i like to spin off with madison ;) 

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you are welcome looking forward on the completed product! dont take it to heart what I said you have alot of potential! 8 bit Ryan played ur game so be proud ok? thanks.

your welcome!

Amazing game and you defiantly have a knack and gift for game development keep at it! 

Played it in my 3 Terrifying Games and it was really great and scray! thanks for making this game!

great game Loved it just have a few things to fix such as how you use items on doors is wonkey and glitchy works sometimes and the pacing was slow with the puzzle but it was still great so good job for your hard work! 

Awesome  job it was very good and reminded me of P.T 

Scary game was a lot of fun if you want everyone come check me out! game dev keep making cool games :)

your welcome :)

hey awesome game it ran very good! maybe make the battery life a little longer dies very fast but over all the game was spooky and fun! looking forward to full release of game! 

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Thank u and glad u liked my video and yes if the video dose decent like 100 views i will do it ;) ahh now i gotta do it for yaa hehe

fun challenging game had fun thanks for making it and hope you all check me out that be awesome ;)

no its not


Hey awesome game looking forward to more and maybe update it and add some levels :) 

Great game was fun! I will say needs a progression bar or something to understand how many chocolate bars u have collected and how many more u need but overall really scary!

Awesome game i was very scared great work! Hope u make another scary game id love too play it on my channel 

Lol me too 

lol I felt the same way the clouds hurt the game

Hey interesting concept only issue I had was cloud jumping part  stole from the horror and fun but hey good job mkaing this demo game! 

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Amazing job...Cant wait for the sequel this game had me scared! I screamed alot! 

Great short game I enjoyed it! 

hey Played you're game it was funny but seriously hope u don't get in trouble for this game!

Love this game! awesome update and have a merry Christmas!

Great game!

thank you!!

Awesome game looking forward to play the full release!! 

Awesome game! great job on creating a game in 24 hours!

The best horror game experience I've ever had!!! 

You're welcome!! Let me know if you make another scary game!

You're welcome!! Let me know if you male another scary game!

Really enjoyed this style of game it was fun and hilarious and i am looking forward to more games you make! if you would like check out the video i made! 

Enjoyed it,needed to be abit more scary but none the lease it was good! featured it in my 3 terrifying games episode! 

Great game featured in my episode of Terrifying games 

you're very welcome! looking forward to more games you make and I will play it on my channel 

thanks mate! if you have any more scary games id love to play em!

Featured in my 3 terrifying games vid! great game