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No no its fine, there might be some bugs, since I havent had many testers

its fine, can you test it out now?

hmmm, I think its a bit broken, I gotta fix that

I mean I can't either I still want to make a bunch of updates to each one- every day I find out a better way to do something and wanna update it

great :) mines gonna be better tho >:)

yeah I know but i'm saying I don't have time for that rn, I have exams, I have to study

its still easier then the original game tho, so not matter how much I add its not too much compared to the real one, and there can only be ONE change in any given room at a time :')

oh sorry im too busy to make one like that :')

mines MORE 2D lol

lol yup 😎

Ahem you will find out eventually

Also if you read the diologue I added you don't kill them :) you just "Virtually" kill them

Lmao true, but get enough special cards and you good

oh great!

Also he doesnt just pull the same card over and over, its a 1/3 chance to draw a special card, so if he only has 1 special card hes gonna draw that one card

the only way to stop the cutscene is to go through the whole thing (chosing diffirent difficulty redoes it)

nice :D


yup! gonna take forever tho  :') gonna have 10 worlds

Hey! its been awhile but I COMPLETELY revamped the game! you should try it :)


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thanks!, and yeah its a little hard but its meant to be as much like the original game as possible so its gonna be a little hard lol

you sure you get to "The End" of it? try checking my youtube and seeing how I go through the whack a wuggy part

hows it going so far? is it hard? >:)

great! cant wait >:)


HEY! Chapter Two is done! you should try it out!

better try chapter Two soon >:)

yeah cause you had to jump and put it in the tape, but you can only jump ONCE after beating huggy so its hard :3

Thanks for playing! let me know if anything was off or I should change :)

and yeah sorry for the bugs I will try to fix some of them!

Oh great! cant wait to watch this :)

hi :DD

oh right whoops

yup it is :)

Glad you think you "Saved Easter" lol

Well I would have but chapter Two and Three are gonna be too long to be browser verisons. Plus ALL progress would be deleted as soon as you refresh the page annndd people would stop playing if they lost all there progress, so chapter one will be the only browser one. Maybe I will put the browser versions on gamejolt but not here

and I look forward to seeing you do it! when its done could you wait till I'm on stream? if you cant then just tell me when your going to play it and I will message you to play it (when im done obviously)

If you wanna see the second floor when its out please hit that like button and or comment #DOORS2D! :)

Thanks! Chapter Two is actually almost done, I will notify you when its done and let you play it early!