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Got the same thing

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No, I just have normal speakers in my laptop, nothing else going on

It gives this reason for crashing when starting in itch app

[2018-01-31 @ 07:25:24.798] [configure] configuring C:\Users\LAPTOP\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tales of Androgyny
[2018-01-31 @ 07:25:24.865] [configure] native-configure yielded execs: [
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/charsets.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/deploy.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/access-bridge-64.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/cldrdata.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/dnsns.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/jaccess.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/localedata.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/nashorn.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/sunec.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/sunjce_provider.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/sunmscapi.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/sunpkcs11.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/ext/zipfs.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/javaws.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/jce.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/jfr.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/jfxswt.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/jsse.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/management-agent.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/plugin.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/resources.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/rt.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/security/local_policy.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/security/US_export_policy.jar",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/TalesOfAndrogyny.exe",
  "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/TalesOfAndrogyny.jar"
[2018-01-31 @ 07:25:24.867] [configure/compute-size] computing size of C:\Users\Jordy\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tales of Androgyny
[2018-01-31 @ 07:25:26.140] [configure] total size of C:\Users\Jordy\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tales of Androgyny: 412.24 MB (432266836 bytes)
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.408] [launch] itch 23.6.1 launching game 86597: Tales of Androgyny
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.408] [launch] looking for manifest @ "C:\Users\Jordy\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Tales of Androgyny\.itch.toml"
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.425] [launch] No manifest found (no '.itch.toml' file in top-level directory). Proceeding with heuristics.
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.425] [launch] launching prepare for native
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.426] [prepare/native] launching windows-prereqs
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.433] [windows-prereqs] no manifest, nothing to do
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.441] [launch/native] cave location: "appdata/Tales of Androgyny"
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.443] [launch/native] no manifest action picked
[2018-01-31 @ 13:18:49.445] [launch/poker] initial candidate set: [
    "path": "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/charsets.jar",
    "weight": 0,
    "depth": 0,
    "score": 0
    "path": "Tales of Androgyny Win64 v0.1.26.0/jre/lib/deploy.jar",
    "weight": 0,
    "depth": 0,
    "score": 0

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I downloaded it from the itch application you can download on the itch website, but I'll try downloading from a browser this time

-Edit: Doesn't work either, I have all the files, but everytime I run the Exe file, nothing happens

Got this in theerror.txt file: 

com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Error reading audio data.
at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(
at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$
Caused by: javazoom.jl.decoder.BitstreamException: Bitstream errorcode 102
at javazoom.jl.decoder.Bitstream.newBitstreamException(
at javazoom.jl.decoder.Bitstream.readFrame(
... 5 more

The one on itch, Windows, Application crashed, process exitedwith code 1

Game crashes the moment I run it