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Haha thanks! Yeah, I would love to get back to this one day I still have some ideas on what a full game would look like.

Heh and yeah trying to figure out when to go in for the ritual is tough hahaha.

Thanks! Let me know what you think if you get a chance!

Nice work! I'm digging the concept. I like the added layers of mechanics particularly the doors that required a number to get passed. Though I never fully felt like I got the hang of getting the die to roll a specific number reliably. Though that could be a personal hang up haha. Otherwise, great job!

Thank you!

Heeeeh yep

Haha thanks so much! Yeah, definitely want to get some single player content in soon. As well as the ever so scary "Online Play" heh, but I'm excited to learn hahaha.

This is such a lovely game! I love the art style and the story. I was really interested to see where the story took me. I also like the little animations of Ruth moving about the room. Super charming. Well done!

Amazing work! I really love the effects work in this so much. Particularly, right before each eye slams, the distortion effect is wonderful. Also the edge effects around the arena look great too!

The gameplay is also solid! Though personally I like to play this style of game with a controller using a twin stick setup. I tended to lose my mouse placement when quickly aiming around. It also might be the similar colors with the floor heh.

But minus that small nitpick, this is super well done!

Agreed! While I am planning on adding in online in the future, how I playtested the game was mainly through Parsec. You can play local multiplayer games online and it is pretty good with latency!

Nice work! Looks like there's quite a bit of variety. Though unfortunately I ran into a bug that cut my playthrough short. I was at a checkpoint but it wouldn't let me jump so I was stuck in a loop. But one critique I do have is that restarting after you die is a bit slow. I think it would help with getting that "Just one more" loop if you could try sooner.

But other than that this is solid work! I could see this really do well for having a timer to see how quick people get through the game and the interesting tech people will come up with to make it through. Well done.

Haha this is feeling great so far! Diving feels really satisfying even without the sound implemented. I did get a bit confused on the Kraken stage with the tentacles looking like something that could do damage, but I quickly figured out I need to focus in on the head. Great work as always so far!

Great work! Interesting story and I like the way you utilized the songs both from atmosphere and how it is integrated directly into the story. I did feel like I got a bit lost on the prose of some of the text, but I also feel like it was warranted because the story is about waxing romantics haha.

Great stuff!

No problem! Thanks for trying out the game!

Ah sorry I missed this!

Ah, yeah the game largely becomes an idle game eventually where discovering the next area and finding the next unlocks are the progression. Because this was originally made for an audience that wasn't too familiar with games/idle games were still relatively new when this originally released (back in 2015), we didn't go too crazy with different mechanics.

The profile page is for some light customization, but that is a good catch if you want to revert your changes!

The game should run in the background if you tab away to surf the web.

Thank you so much for the kind words!!!

Ah no worries, thanks for clarifying!

Hello! Sorry I missed your post!

I am updating the game! I just recently made a new Gauntlet update to the game (you can read more about it here: Is there a particular reason why you don't think the game is worth the money?

Thanks for the feedback!