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Dark Unykorn

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:) !

Love the looks of it! Suggestion: configurable controls or at least arrow keys support :)

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This was very sweet and beautiful, the artwork and the music are absolutely fantastic. *This* is what storytelling is all about -- I was literally going "noooo :(" to myself as their relationship ended... and of course, the notes at the end.... aaaaa. Very sweet and very beautiful.

Cool, I'll check that -- thanks for the reply, I'll try again! :)

This is honestly my favourite game on itch. It's just so delightful it makes me want to smile all the time, and it's sweet and easy to play as well -- no hassle, just joy. <3

Does this work with an iMac's built-in microphone? It asks me to plugin one so... I wasn't sure if it was possible to play it with just the built-in :-/ I've seen YouTubers play it and it looks and sounds fantastic, but...

the end of the demo, oh gods, the end of the demo

... and I kinda want Ural Death Machine to be a thing, no censorship required pls

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Solved it -- just downloaded it straight from the site, added to my usual Applications folder and opened the app directly rather than using the app :) Now it not only works, it also brought back the saves from my previous playthrough from part one too ^_^ But I guess it's a heads up in case other people have the same issue, hehe.

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Usually no! But it's been awhile so... how strange, wonder why it won't find it? *rubs chin*

I've actually played this very game before --before the full release, I mean. Odd. I'll check things out on my corner ^_^

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Yasssss part 2 lives!!! Yay!! Except I got a bug (MacOS version) when I tried to save but YESSSS

I absolutely adored this. It's perfect, and the voice had the right amount of emotion -- made me want to cry, really. Well done!

Okay this was actually super fun hahahaha very unique concept!

It's alright, I'll find a way (or just learn to work with WASD ^_^)! Many thanks for the reply!

Is there any way to change the controls? I know the controller is best, but I don't have any, and I'd really like to use the arrow keys instead of WASD, as I'm left-handed... it's such a beautiful game, though!