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Dark Muse

A member registered Mar 10, 2018

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The game keeps lagging and freezes from time to time, it does so even if  all the graphical settings are at their lowest. I have a lot of free storage space in my computer. I have no idea what went wrong... Though most of my games lag (I feel inexperienced ;-;)... The computer is a Windows 8.1 64-bit. Most appreciated.

It's a Windows 8.1 laptop. Reducing the resolution did make the game faster, but when I tried to save at the beginning of the game, I was able to open the menu but it froze immediately after.

Is this game for Windows 32 bit? I have 64 bit and it's very slow and always freezes. When I opened my task manager to close the frozen game, it showed in the game name that it was 32 bit...

This is... Amazing. I'll definitely play the full game. I love how exaggerated the characters are (I know because I played the original game) and how crazy this is X)