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Nice video!

I searched the URL on the website and it didn't show anything wrong?

The music for that level is "Relax Beat" by Arulo, and I downloaded it from Mixkit:

I’ll try to to show up

it really takes time to master

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked your video too

if you click the "more info" text it will bring up a "run anyway" button, I obviously know and am going to tell you its not a virus because I made it, but you should see if anyone else has had virus problems before you play just to be safe. (its not a virus but you should ask someone else in case)

good bedtime story

what does it come up with when you try opening it?

was that the satellite near the package (did it have a light on?)

do you have a clip of it maybe?

I was a bit confused after reading your comment at first, but in your video after you collected the package, you did go to the right satellite but you ran past the electrical box and just looked at the door on the other side. Also a good way to tell if a satellite needs fixing, there will be a red light on a tower near it.

that would be a good idea except i dont have the links for them

he watches. this is not the last time he will make an appearance

No monsters and no jumpscares

those were actually supposed to be in the game, the effects worked in engine but didn't export with the game for some reason. I got them from the asset store

Are you talking about the shader effects for the screenshots on the game page?

I sent a friend request, im BEAN#7199

if you really want i can somehow give you the exact textures through discord or something

ohh i thought you were asking about the skybox from the hotel level, the grassy field with the big door is a bit more complicated, i think i got the skybox from, ambientcg or quixel, the big cloud is a cutout of a cloud on a plane with a black plane in front of it

its the first thing if you search up “sky” on google images, but I boosted the saturation up in photoshop

dont worry lebron will be in next dlc


all the models i didnt make are in the description, but everything else i made on my own

(1 edit)

buff chicken 👍

yes so sorry about this, should be fixed in the next update

im sorry he wont do it again


those houses were just cut out of a photo I found off of the internet, but thanks for playing

Chicken is love

Chicken is life

I was actually really disappointed with my hiding skills, I'm pretty sure everyone has found it

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed and appreciate the video

I will play it tomorrow! I’ve been watching some youtubers play it

Just found your game at the top games!

Thank you!

I loved the graphics and audio! I got so close to beating it too

Thanks for the feedback, during development I kept completing everything too quick, I wasn’t thinking about the player’s experience with the difficulty , so I just kept pushing the difficulty . If I end up doing an update, there will be quite a lot more to come

Just wondering, did the graphics look "off" compared to the page background? I think when I switched the project to build for webgl it changed a few things that aren't the same in the windows versions.

This was actually really fun, I could only complete it on minimal, because my memory could only handle one rooms worth of objects. But besides that, the art style looks great and I loved the cursor effect