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I don't know how Itch's payment methods work. If you can't find a method you'd like to use on here, check out DTRPG instead. I think they have other methods.

Hi! No Discord or Facebook group (yet), but perhaps there might be in the future. And I am planning to release at least some supplements in the future. I wanted to make sure the core rulebook contains more than enough material to sustain a game for a long time, so there are a lot of things my group still wants to try out, but I do plan to release things like extra classes, monsters, spells etc. eventually!

That makes me really happy to hear! That was the reason I set out to make PoL in the first place. The Mork Borg rules are simple and elegant but the setting is an acquired taste for a lot of people.

Indeed there is! It should be attached to the game's page as a "demo".

Yup! I update that version whenever I update this one :)

I'm eager to hear how they like it! Make sure you download the latest version of the book before you play - I incorporated some feedback and corrected a few errors.

If someone gets in touch with info me on how to make that happen, I'd be happy to! 

Hi! I'm glad you like it so far. I made this mainly to meet my group's specific needs but I figured it might be a very specific niche some others would like filled as well.

1. Nope, that's a mistake! I'll fix that ASAP!

2. Yup, same as in Mork Borg. 60-66 is the HP cap. This is an OSR game though so feel free to hack it if you want to play longer campaigns.

3. In my mind yes, but this is one of those vague rules where I'm leaving it up to the GM to make a ruling as they wish.

4. As the previous answer :)

Hi! If I'm aware a Steam sale is on then usually I'll change the price here to reflect. My publisher handles Steam however and I don't always know when the game is on sale. I'd recommend purchasing the game on Steam anyway, it doesn't have DRM and you can easily remove it from the Steam folder and it will still work.

Hi there. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. The 30 minute timer is basically a gimmick to add a little bit of replayability to an otherwise linear and restricted preview - kind of like what CAPCOM did with the RE2 remake.