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That T-rex was very detailed and real-looking! It was short, but very enjoyable.

You guys played with my emotions all over again! Still, this was a beautiful game, and I appreciate you sending me a key. I haven't uploaded any new LPs in a while, but I decided start making videos again, starting with your game.

A very insightful game! Just goes to show, you only fail if you stop. I love the special message at the end. Don't ever give up!!

This was both amazing, and abusive on my mind. I thought I could resist, but the peer pressure was too much for me! Here's my video on it.

Thanks for contacting me about this game. I hope I was able to do it justice, and show people what it was all about. It actually hit kinda close to home for me. Here's my video on it.

Definitely better than I was expecting, and I loved the design work you guys put in!