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Darius Kazemi

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This is so nice, exactly what I want from a puzzle game.

This is so good, thank you for this work!

I downloaded the build that was updated yesterday. Haven't played it much but I ended up in a situation where I was hanging out in a choke point and there was a regular-moving enemy in front of me and a bat behind it. The bat moved through the enemy and onto my square so we were actually occupying the same square. That was weird!

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Hello! Grabbed the game an hour ago. Some notes:

  • Tutorial: good!
  • I'd like some kind of indication that no more monsters will spawn in a level? (If that's even ever 100% true.)
  • First time I ever got to the Ghost King, it froze just as I got him down to 1 HP.  This is on OSX (see image below)
  • It took me dying ~20 times as the ghost before finally getting the "rhythm" of the game, at which point I blazed a trail straight to the last level
    • That said, I have played several of these "make sure you know whether monsters are an even or odd number of square away from you" type roguelikes, so I'm coming to this primed for what I'm seeing (there's the monster that takes 2 moves, there's the monster that gets pushed back, etc)
  • Is it possible for any monster to spawn on any level? Feels like it, and that makes the levels feel less special, or less like a progression.
  • Playing this felt impossibly hard the first dozen times, followed by "huh, I'm starting to see patterns" the next dozen times, followed by "I got this"
  • Excited to figure out some of the secrets like the lake level and whatever the key is for
  • Also excited to try non-ghost characters
  • Would be nice to know what killed me and how
  • Would be nice to have some sort of understanding of priority order for events (are bombs resolved before or after enemy attacks, etc -- some of this I've figured out but games like Hoplite telegraph it with animation order)

I just spent an hour playing/beating this. Great job!