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Just wondering if I missed something. What do you do with all the produce that is not used yet? Like I'm selling milk to a nearby town, but then meat and hide just takes up all the storage and I cannot do anything with it. Can I sell it to the state somehow?

Finally someone made a real Tycoon game! I loved that game back when I was a kid.

Hey, great game! I liked the artwork and the music. Everything really comes together to give the player that experience of slow paced life. 

I myself thought that the player character was moving way too slow, I got so nervous that I don't have enough time to get things done, that I couldn't enjoy the 'medicative' aspect of the game. I even skipped a couple of letters just because the character would be too slow to get to the gate. 

In a way I undertstand you wanted to give players more things to do so they don't get bored. Maybe the days should be just a little bit longer to keep this medatative effect more intact. I would imagine that after you finish all the chores on a farm, you'd have nothing else to do apart from looking at the sky, or re-reading the same books and letters. It might be just my imagination, though :)

Great job!

This is really cool. I had fun playing this game. Great job, especially, considering the time pressure of a game jam. 

It took me three tries to finally espace the planet, but I didn't understand there were 5 planets at first. 

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

Yes, controls are an issue. Thanks for reminding me. I couldn't figure out how to code it properly,  so had to use different buttons for throw and pick-up. But I'll be fixing it soon.

Yes, the choice of colors is really nice, I agree!

I understand that all sounds are justified in a way that each is attached to an action, but I still don't think each action has to have a distinct sound. Sometimes it's fine if a character doesn't produce a sound on landing, for example.

There's one famous video game reviewers (whose name evades me) who points that out in one of his reviews and I thought that it was a very valid feedback. 

And you're right, toning down some sounds can be enough to make it more organic.

Too short! :) I wonder if can ever catch that shuttle...

Great (and depressing) interactive experience.

I like the concept and the art. And congrats on finishing your first game jam! (I was participating for the first time too and finished as well)

I think you need to give some feedback to the player in regards to what happens, like, what is the cost of different tiles and what resources they produce (and yeah, I know a lot of goals in a short game jam, but for the sake of giving feedback))). Since everything happens so quickly it's not clear what to do. Maybe having turns instead of changes happening every second would give enough info to the player to make decisions. 

Anyway, good job!

Like the music, it goes well with the theme. I think grenades should not prevent you from shooting, otherwise, players kind of hide behind them.

Great concept. I got to 57K+ people who lived in the city for 668 days. Don't know if it's a good score or not. 

There was little bug that was quite confusing with buildings disappearing. Not sure if it was intended.

I also found that so some time there was nothing happening, then suddently satsfaction gets affected and it decreases so fast, that you just need to click on a block and build a shop as fast as you can before it reaches 0. But if you have not enough money you definitely have no time to wait for more money to arrive. I gues it's quite difficult to balance.

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That's funny. I think you did a really good job with the music. It creates exactly the right atmosphere from the very beginning where you tell the story. Though the game is hard I can't say it's unfair. Though considering how fast it goes, I'd say the main character should be able to take more hits.

I guess it's a start for something bigger :)

Wanted to leave a comment about the game on the main game page, but comments are disabled there :(

Very beautiful game and soothing music.

Though I got frustrated at some point as in terms of controls when you jump around the light beam it's way too sensitive. I think I understood what I need to do quite fast, but since you can't really see where you're jumping, and you jump and fall really fast, you're not sure where to go. I'm glad I didn't quit thogh and made it till the end.

I got to the 4th boss I think! That was fun.
I know that we didn't have much time to work on the game. I found it difficult to understand in what direction I'm going since the floor is all one color, so at some points you feel like lost in space. The bullets are also very difficult to dodge since the player speed is extremely slow andthe bullets fly so fast (or I'm just not too good at it, lol)

Interesting concept. Too bad you didn't have time to finish.
I found that smash doesn't really work sometimes and plants throw me off when I try to come in close to smash them.
I also think that to add more dynamics to the gameplay the movements can be faster.

Nice job! Great that you also have music and sound effects.
I found a little bug, I suppose, where I would fall several level below almost everytime wince the holes in the ground appear above each other very often.
Regarding sounds, there might be too many. Almost every action has a sound effect, which might be unnecessary.

Nice! To be honest it's the first tower defense I played. It's nicely done, I like the fact that you gradually unlock more things, but I guess it something normal for the genre. Also great that you earn money for the next playthrough depending on your score.