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Ahh i got you its was a prototype for this game. any chance seeing this on android

I was hoping that a update would have been realeased any news??

awesome glad to hear it i love the concept for this game

Any news on update

Hey i love this game!!!! I do have 1 point to make about the egg vibe training in the kitchen. How does it only effect the point system once no matter how long you leave it in. Id like to see it add to lust maybe order her not to remove it or cum and you see various stages of it driving her crazy the more you visit her. Id also love to see more things to buy at the shop maybe have to build the dungeon bit by bit. Ooh last of all id love to see more of training a girl involved rather than following her storyline. That being said i love this game and fully intend on contributing as soon as im more financially stable. Bravo simply bravo