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I tried but they were taken. It has been a year. I might as well give up.

I have played. I love it.

You need to make more volumes please. Also find a way to make actually mini books with a publisher. I can't fold too well and that would add some money making for you. I know I would buy them.

I wish there were community copies

Will there be community copies? I wish I could afford this.

When will community copies be a thing? I wanna see the full version so I can tell you what is good about it.

I wanna help you grow

Kill slash is a new press of horror games where you are the monster and I LOVE IT

I posted on Reddit about it. (I wanna help you guys grow because from my experience in KillSlash you guys make amazing games that are kick ass)

The number has been the same for months not even a new copy. I wouldn't comment if the number changed and someone else got the copies. But the number has not changed. 

I am confused.

Happy new year friends

This game is the best rpg I have played. 

It gives this feeling of just nostalgia of simpler times of just doing things without a complex story. 

This game also gives the feeling of real adventure. You never know what is happening next.

I sent an email sorry for taking so long

This seems like a good idea. But I have camped for months and can't get a community copy

Are their any solo versions of this. No joke I love this idea

Will their at some point be community copies of this game. I legit can't afford it

I have waited and still no copies. I will persevere though so I can give a review of this amazing looking game

Why are their no community copies? I genuinely thought their would be at least 1 in a span of more than 1 month

I wish their were community copies

I wish there were community copies

Thank you my dude

When will their be a community copy I wanna try it really bad

Are you gonna do community copies

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why is this game 800 dollars. Really dude I actually can't even afford 10 dollar games. And you expect us to actually give 800 dollars for this game.

I thought 20 dollar dice sets were expensive