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Hello, I've been on/off playing the game for nearly a year now (I'm really glad I can have runs without an enemy spawning inside me now :D) and I love the way it's been progressing and the fact that it hasn't been abandoned like so many other games that I actually want to play.

Now then the real reason I wanted to comment is I had a random idea for the game, I thought it would be really cool (and a pain to impliment I am aware), to have a game mode where you start out with 2-3 "parts" (maybe just what you get from the tutorial?) and you go around killing other creatures like normal, but you can only get new parts from "drops", from the enemys (maybe have a random chance to get a new part whenever you destroy an enemy?).

Again I love the game and really want to find out how it will be when it is finally completed.

Endoras Box community · Created a new topic Small bug

Only bug I encountered was in the second room where you can speak to the window dud.