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Danurus Ursus

A member registered Nov 01, 2021

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I'm sure Gale deserved it

I forgot about that hatch the second I stopped looking at it!

I really felt this game dawg

Damn! Couldn't watch the Vtuber!

Man knows how to creep. I'll give him that

Pretty good lasagna

The opening was my favorite part, for sure

That little bastard scared the hell outta me!

This was a lot of fun to mess around with and it actually scared me!

A delightful surprise

Always love a game with good humor and the dialogue was A+

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Scared me good

That title screen music hit different

Definitely caught me off gaurd a couple times!

This was a lot of fun to mess around with!

That was one big lad

Gotta appreciate the jumpscares

Quality stuff

What a twist!

There was A LOT going on!

Always love when there's voice acting!

Had a lot fun with this one. The voice acting made this game so much better

I always like when horror games get straight to the scares!

Had a good time practicing my casting

Very eerie. Had me on edge real quick!

The HR posters were great

Game had me dying with the commentary. Loved it!

Short and sweet! The end was amazing

I actually love this game. It's amazing and it was really fun to play with!

Terrifying, like, genuinly. Even with the demon lookin' like a snack

Love the style! This game was really fun! Couldn't bring myself to hurt the cat though :(

Had a lot of fun messing around with this game!

How could I ever be mad at a smile like that?

Nice and claustrophobic!

I had a lot of fun with this and am excited to see the full game!