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Is there singleplayer bots??

I'm having trouble playing the mac version


will you give me a mac version??

Hey umm can you please make the steam version on this site please because I can't get steam because it doesn't work for some reason and I just love your game but now I really really really want the steam version on please. :(((((

Is this singleplayer???

Really can you make this into like an .exe or like a .zip thx

in beta 4 plz add more sidearms and add the combat knife and add more maps plz

The controls of the helicopter are so hard plz make them easier

can you add more maps and more guns plz if you see my comment you'll see what I mean and great game

This game is great but can you add more maps and more guns plz and can you add gun attachments like for an example a lazer sight on a pistol and to add more pistols like the colt 1911 and the desert eagle and more assult rifles like the scar-L and the aug and more snipers like the dragonov and BFG 50 and more shotguns like the remington 700 and the KSG plz

Thx ;)