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I loved the game! It was amazing. The level design is so good and while it is hampered down by some imprecise controls, the rest of the game's qualities hold it up. As a 2D artist, I really appreciate the art style in this game along with its color palette. Keep up the great work! If you ever need an artist to collaborate with, don't hesitate to hit me up. 

This was really, really good! The level design was really good. It just WORKED. One suggestion I would want to say is to remove tap jump from controllers, it caused some unneeded jumps from me. Other than that, it was really good! I look forward to your next project. Hit me up if you need an artist ever! I love making platformer art. I made the art a game in this jam!

But seriously, hit me up if you ever need an artist. This was really good. DM on my instagram if you ever need one, @dans_illustrations

Thanks you! I really love using limited color palettes. This is one of my favorite palettes I've used so far!

Good work! I really enjoyed the playthrough, clever design. I wish the controls were a bit more precise, but great job!

Liked this a lot! Cute little fighter. My inner comrade has been satisfied :o