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What an incredible experience. I've played and loved all of your other games, but I didn't expect the serious tone on this one.. and you pulled it off incredibly well! I really enjoyed streaming it, thank you for making such an amazing game! <3

I loved it so much omg plz make more forever I need them in my life I literally had a dream after my stream of the two games where I was dating the main three and it was wonderful please keep my dream girlfriends alive

Absolutely wonderful game, I enjoyed it a lot~ I always love playing your games because they're so soft and relaxing, even on stream <3 hope you make tons more!!

even if it's not I'm planning to upload all the vods I saved to a yt channel (when my pc stops screaming in pain while I'm exporting vids) so I can send u a link to it when that happens

time to update the game with a new machine and all it does is make the mc gay as fuck /j

absolutely wonderfully gay game right here~ I enjoyed it a lotttt and voice acting the characters on stream was a lot of fun, so thank you for a bunch of super good writing uwu

played the game on stream today!! it had a really nice melancholy and relaxing vibe, and it's an especially nice game to stream since I could talk to chat while chillin waiting for machines to do their thing :> not as gay as I'd hoped tho

Aww c: I'm really glad!! I have a thing called lesbian lednesdays and I'm sure your other games will probably be plenty gay so I'll def play more of them :D

Of course!! ^-^ it was the second game I played during that stream but I think this link should have the right timecode. If not it's at around 1:28

Hope you enjoy my mediocre voice acting hehe

this was super super lovely!!! I played it on stream, voice acted every character and enjoyed it so much.. as a ginger disabled lesbian trans girl this game speaks to me lmao. I loved it to bits and I hope to see you do more~