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Danny Tom

A member registered May 21, 2019

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so sad, because I don't have gms 2. yes, that's right. YoYo remove GMS1.4 because it is no longer supported. Previously I loaded the yoyo home page but after that I had to look on other sites that still host gms 1.4, I hope it still works. Here's the download link I used (I hope it still works:

Anyway thank you for the information, I enjoyed seeing your asset, sorry I can't use gms2.

Hi, can you make it for gms1.4 please because I don't buy gms2. Thank

hi, can i ask you: in your asset, enemy can attack character or just idle and hit?

I already purchased it, it is good but I think there are something miss as @edusword said. Moreover, I think you should add one more boss with more attacking or effecting like that will enrich type of enemies (because this asset now just has one type of enemy). I hope you will do that

Love this engine so much and it helps me so much in making farming game. 

Looks great! I just want to ask if i buy this asset, can i edit  or change something for my project such as: adding some shields or shoes or change the color of clothes?

hi Thomas, is the sprite sheets PNG? Can i use this asset for Game maker engine? 

This asset is awesome.

This is exactly what I needed. 

It really is a complete game! it's still worth the price.