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Loved the game can't wait to see further updates with the game great atmosphere and sound design look forward to playing the complete project or next big update

Definitely a pleasure to make. I look forward to seeing more of this to come!

I absolutely loved this game the story the music the art style even the little mini games. I loved it the only complaint was that the control scheme was a little weird to get use to but it did not take away from the experience but I also read some of the other threads and saw that it's been addressed and getting worked with so no complaints from me. I've wish listed it and followed you on and plan to support by sending money bits for the game. I adored this and can't wait for more keep up the good work I'll be supporting.

I do hope you continue upon this story it's a nice spin on the idea from the movie In Time? Fantastic music and art style I loved. The only only only little niche I can say is that I should have voiced the female character (joking) will definitely be following to see future work you'll be doing.

I enjoyed this up until I had to actually use my brain and manage time all and all I enjoyed it despite my panics and screams

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This game has brought me a level of pain and anger I didn't think was obtainable on planet earth and it has left me with a scar that will never heal so Dani I'm coming for you

*Inception Noise*

It was a great experience thank you for the game hope to see more from you guys!

i really can't believe this game made me scream lol but definitely a good game