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i like the fnaf 4 style you were aiming at but the monster attacks literally every 2 seconds. you literally have to die twice to read the instrucitons. tone it down a tad

great game very fast paced with a creepy atmosphere. definitely a breath of fresh air , interesting concept. i loved the speed of the game as it helped induce this panic in me, so when it slowed down towards the middle it made me too confident and tore the rug away with an insanely effective jumpscare.

somehow one of the best horror games i have played 4.5/5.

if i had to come up with criticism it would be add a settings menu (despite how funny the fart joke was) or just double down on the creepy factor!

looking forward to more <3

thanks for watching the video it means alot <3

oh and the twist was VERY good, love a horror that can keep me on my toes

an incredibly good game, id say 4/5.

the atmosphere and style is very good, the polygonal characters really freak me out. if i had any tips to improve they'd be work on the atmosphere of that one place you end up as youre there a while and it becomes less creepy. plus when being chased it was scary but the audio lets it down a bit.

cant wait to play more of your games <3

The jumpscares are great and very sudden and panic inducing especially when hopped up on coffee. loved the visual style of the game:

loved this game honestly the jumpscares really got me, i was kinda hopped up on coffee at the time to be fair though.

cant argue with that haha

Very intriguing game, more of a psychological game than i usually play but it was very well made and the visual style is gorgeous to look at. will for sure be playing more of your games.

all it did was make the eyes glow and play a sound i didnt find anything else it changed, though i may not have looked hard enough

creeped me the heck out, even if the laser light show was a tad wierd, well made. cant wait for more

ok so i found the escape ending and death, but what do i do with the shrine thing, i can put spray there but its still missing something

thanks for your hard work in the game, keep improving and keep making more :D

really enjoyed the game, the pacing of some moments could be tweaked but otherwise very entertaining, check my video below for more details, thanks :)

Hey Great game, love the stylization, very fun and scary.

check out the gameplay video here:

hope for more in this style <3

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great game, honestly the humor was just my type of thing, found it in the horror section and had a blast paying it, short and sweet.

threw it into my scuffed horror games series hope you dont mind as im sure its not as high quality as other channels (the video not the game haha)

This game was pretty good, needs some work tho, i did a video including it for my "scuffed horror games series" i made some jabs but obviously i dont know how hard it is to make a game :)

so if it is currently un-optimized, what pc specs do you recommend for now as i want to lets play this for my channel, thanks