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Dan Liamco

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Thanks for trying out Couch Fightato! We've updated the game since the filming of this video so feel free to try it out again with friends if you have the time! :D

Thank you for your kind words!

Thanks for the Input! We're implementing a double jump and adjusting the overall feel of player movement! The update should be up soon. Also, the AI really is very basic as of the moment. We will be making it behave more interestingly in future updates!

Thank you again for trying our game and for the input! We hope you have fun with your friends!

Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

Thanks for the input and for trying out the game! We'll take your comments into consideration and are already thinking of alternatives to the consequences of getting shot!

Hope you enjoyed man :) Thanks again!

Thanks man! Means a lot!

Yup! This was really intended to be played with friends so AI is underdeveloped! We'll definitely be tweaking movement in future updates! Thank you for the input and we hope you had fun! :)

Thank you for the input! Hope you had fun! :)

Thanks for trying it out! Hope you had fun!

Feel free to invite your friends over to try it out! If you have more feedback to give we'd love to hear it! :)

Sounds good! Best of luck to you guys!

Thanks for trying out our game! We hope you had fun!

The game indeed is a party game meant to be played with friends :)

The jumps are intentionally unlimited for the current version of the game :)

Yeah configuring multiple controllers is tricky XD Might implement a "map your controller" screen :)

Thanks again for the great input!

Funny game! Maybe make it a tad easier by making the AI miss a little more or by making the snowballs travel slower?

Nice game. Maybe try to sync the time window with the beat more?

Great game! Just need to fine-tune the controls a little to feel more fluid! :)