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From what I can tell is that the game is Frame rate related - speed jump gravity everything , and if your have a lower end computer even on the lowest settings you are going to be slow and some cases looking down at the ground is the only thing you can do to increase  fps , I also thing the View Distance is too high even on low maybe ad a fake fog of sort 

Its confusing how you say you play tested this and did not consider lower hardware running this lol

Don't get mad at me juts helping out for future  project you make 

my last score was 89000 but Holy shit this game makes me want to play tetris like the good days back in 2009

Bruh the more Speed boost I get the camera juts gives up so its best you add a Cap to how much power ups you can have 

No there is a new version on there Petryon and The Assets have changed 

What this for a game Jam 

Not bad i like it 

Ay this is helpful thank man

The game says its free but only for android and thats sad for most of us free t play 

you extract the game 

left click on the file and look for extract folder the click extract again and then the should be a folder with the same name next to it but unzipped 

umm.. Sorry to tell you but level 2 is not to easy and the exit button is not working  i hope you appreciate the feedback again im just trying to help K nothing much 

cool thanks 

Was this game made on godot ?? it feels like it was 

games not bad but guby as in it tacks time for the game to fully load 

but the color and lighting is very clean I like it 

never mind i found out how to play 

but still has jumping bug 

could you add controls info 

also theirs a bug when jumping 

o ok also godot is mostly for 2d games i my opinion as its more easyer than 3d

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lol i was wondering if you were going to make another comic but this is fine 

also the game is boring :(

cant wait till video comes out 

thanks for making this free And yes i cumed alot 

so you intended on making this wow determination 

ok there is a large amount of people that are going to jerk off to this 

I am unable to create a new project help!