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This game looks great! Is there a linux version on the patreon?

This is really great! One thing, though, is that I wish I could change the bind for opening the parachute. Having it be the same key as jump makes bunnyhopping too awkward after getting the parachute.

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Loved the game, so I made a speedrun of it! Unfortunately, OBS didn't record the audio :/

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100%! Go right ahead, the actual run starts at 7:10. I would have requested a leaderboard, but they rarely accept demos that are still being updated. Something about getting messy leaderboards with different versions not being worth the hassle grumble grumble grumble

Nice to hear the down+forward dash is gonna be fixed. Is dpad input also gonna be added? Cuz right now, only analog does anything

According to Fraps, I'm running at like 300-400 fps. I can't tell, since all I've got's a 60hz monitor. But yeah, I ran it on ultra instead of very low, which seems to lock the framerate at 60, and the dash works like you said. Guess I'm gonna have to re-learn the entire game now lmao

Just from messing around with the game in 60 fps, it seems like slidekick dash is still the fastest. plz don't nerf it D: also what's funny is it's got the same roll-your-thumb-from-b-to-y input as shield backdashing from SOTN.

Also one more thing: Having the camera go forward more the faster you go is a really good idea, but it should have a limit. You can get the camera so far ahead you can't even see yourself anymore, which makes going fast with dash-slidekicks awkward.

This game makes a really good speedrun! I just got sub 5.

Also, why can't you dash while holding down+forward? This completely kills speedrunning on keyboard/dpad, since you have to hold an east by southeast angle on the analog stick to do dash-slidekicks.

oh man i love undertale


Apparently, it was detecting my mouse as a joypad, so I unplugged that and it worked fine! It's pretty inconvenient to have to unplug my mouse every time I want to play, though.

Still, really fun game!

It isn't working on my linux machine! D:

It starts up and displays the title screen, but none of the keys do anything. What's going on?