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Its a fun game! Glad to see games on that are not horror games lol.

That being said, there were quite a few bugs. Once, I entered into a chimney only to get into this weird "shadow dimension" that was like the rest of the north pole, but black. Could only fix by getting into the chimney a second time, then it loaded the room proper.

There is another bug that is quite infuriating. The way the game handles falling is by putting you where your feet touched last. Some of the pillars at the beginning of the game have areas that you can land on that lead to a sort of "infinite fall." You know, the pillars that the elf tells you to hold "y" to get to. The only way to get out is by going to the main menu and starting again.

Lastly, another bug was when I fell through the floor while trying to get my "flying license."

Now for some positive stuff: I think this is a cute game! It reminds me of the types of games my grandmother used to let me play on her computer way back in 2000. Brought me a lot of nostalgia vibes. If you ignore the glitches, this game is super cozy. Perfect game to have some hot chocolate with, and a nice quilt. I can't wait to see what else you guys can do! Keep up the good work!

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Interesting game! Is this the first game you have made?

I want to give a bit of critique:

Things I liked:

1: Very eerie. It feels like something is watching you the whole time.

2: The graphics were fantastic for a single developer.

3: The unique setting. I quite like snowy settings in horror games. Winter is the scariest season IMO when things are dead, so I am glad to see more games take place in it.

4: The music really set the tone for creepy moods.

Things I didn't like:

1: there were a few grammar mistakes. If English is not your first language it is understandable, but it was a bit distracting. Also keeping the words in the center of the screen for too long is distracting

2:There needs to be a way to pause and quit. I wanted to pause for a minute to get a drink, but there is no way of doing it...also if someone needs to quit for some reason, it should be simple to do so.

3. The darkness. It was so dark I couldn't tell where I was supposed to go most of the time. We get a flashlight for like 2 minutes before the game takes it away from us.

Also, this is not a negative point, but the number thing never really came up. A couple monsters said a few numbers, but they never quite made it into the gameplay...that is unless this is part of an ARG(Alternate Reality Game) that we are supposed to dig into further? The numbers are 204863 if anyone wants to look into it further.

(edit) About 5 minutes after writing this review, I googled it and came across a discussion on gamefaqs. Apperantly 204863 was part of an ARG from the game PT. There is quite a bit of discussion about it, but since the silent hills game is cancelled I don't think the ARG will ever be fully solved.

Here is the link if interested in reading more:

I should also mention that it was sometimes hard to see the doors during later portions of the game.

Still waiting for the full game! Update soon, perhaps?

Enjoyed the game. Ran across a few bugs though. The lamp I was carrying around kind of disappeared, and every time I tried to skip through the credits it would restart the credits sequence. Not sure if intentional, but it led me to press the windows button on my keyboard and exit out of the game that way. 

There is nothing wrong with it. Kids don't really know what love actually is, so they say dumb things like that. Once when my mom was watching a VHS of Elvis music, I was 5 years old, and she said she loved him. My child brain thought she meant she wanted to marry him. 

I can imagine it is a similarly innocent "love."