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just hosted a game with my friends and had an absolute blast making a stupid sexy god that we all were out to protect with nothing but our stupid sexy tools at our disposal! so much laughter and fun comes with putting together a conspiracy board with friends and just how deep the layers can go on something as simple as an old summer camp that an acolyte previously worked at becoming a dangerous headquarters for investigators. highly recommend, so much fun creating and playing in the space!

When I was locked up in quarantine with COVID, I played this game and found such a comfort in a lone broadcaster sending out music on the airwaves to anyone who may be listening. And to top it off, now I have my very own playlist to reminisce to!

I purchased a copy of this game at PAX Unplugged and it's the perfect game to play while you're sitting on a plane, train, or just want something to cozy up to before bed. The different moods and questions the game asks you helps to shape your hitman, and I couldn't help but get attached to the story the game helped me weave.

I was able to back the kickstarter for weeds in the waste and I am so thrilled with my copy! writing up my little plants on my plots and getting excited when they are saved from the blight each season was such a treat. A sweet, engrossing game where you get to make your own world and then work hard to keep it alive.

This is a fun, quick to learn game that can be played with anyone of any age! I was lucky enough to back the kickstarter and have a physical copy with the special cards that go with the game and couldn't be happier.

What a beautiful, heartfelt game that is a true love letter to the magical girl genre. the play pattern is simple and straightforward, and the writing between your character and Beatrice is truly heart-wrenching. I'm left after playing this game feeling teary eyed and wishing I could hold my poor player character and Beatrice, and couldn't help but read through all the possible endings available to me. Gnats you truly knocked this one out of the park!

A very sweet game about moving on and the grieving process. a good game to relax to with soft music, a simple game mechanic, and a lovely design and atmosphere. very much enjoyed my experience!

As I was going through games in the bundle for racial justice and equality, I saved this game to try and just went through the twine game and it quite literally took my breath away. the pacing, the writing, absolutely incredible. I had such a lovely time and it pushes me to take it upon my own little journal to see what stories I can bring out as well! an excellent experience all around.

I picked up a physical copy of this game during my trip to Denver and was so happy to be able to enjoy this as a peaceful, winding story at the comfort of a friend's kitchen table! a lovely, sweet story told about finding a place where you belong and a slowly building friendship (or more!)

A hauntingly beautiful game about slowly losing the pieces of yourself and your community. You don't think about the way little trinkets or common practices among you and your friends hold meaning to you, but once they're gone, what replaces them, if anything at all? A great game for slowly toiling away at what a character holds dear until there is nothing left or something is forced to bend.

A short and sweet game about creating a special place for someone to return to and making it a little better. It's about leaving your mark in a positive way and creating that space with the people around you. Great game!

the way this game transports you to a place where you're allowed to feel every ugly, compartmentalized emotion you may have and release it and to just feel without all the "buts" and "what ifs" is so, so satisfying. an incredible job well done on this piece and I'm glad I had the opportunity to play it.

fun and spooky!! had a great time, maybe I'll go back and snag all of the endings to see what else I put my poor wife through

the story within the story is visceral and sticks to your teeth as you read it, and the creation of a world around its nerves in the form of a subway system is such a fun and interesting way to look at map making. I really enjoyed this experience, thanks for sharing!

short, sweet, and very endearing! glad we are all hand in hand in wanting to fluster azram

What a poignant story, my heart goes out to the people who left and the people who found safety.

what an absolute blast! I got this game off the queer games bundle and thoroughly enjoyed the story, the routes, and getting to explore the misery of going through my early twenties again. definitely recommend!

What a beautifully depicted story, I'm so glad I got to spend the time to go through it! The change in tone in ending three to be more hopeful than the rest was really wonderful and uplifting.

what a stunning game, echoing the comments all left before to say that this sticks with me - to press on, to keep surviving even when our bodies want to give out on us. the fight rages on, and we have to keep fighting. I love that the character talking has no name, because they can be any one of us. we all have the potential to create a world that others can thrive in. thank you for making this game, and thank you for all the hard work that went into it!

thank you for taking the time to put this game together, I played all the way through and I see and understand many of the traumas laid out here. I hope you are finding the space to heal where you can, where each of us holding pieces of similar shapes to your own are finding our ways as well.

There is a comfort in going through this game, walking through each stage and what each word means, that you can't get anywhere else. getting to hear each pronoun is special in a way that's hard to describe. I appreciate what this game provides for a community that may be new to who they are, or looking to find understanding and solidarity in how they identify.

just played this in between pathfinder 2e sessions and had a great time creating and working with my party to help clean up their new hideaway! as a gm, I found it easy to slide into our current set up, occasionally tossing in rolls where it felt right and otherwise letting the party members discuss and work together organically. a really great module that works beautifully in whatever game you want!

so cute, and all of the food art made my mouth water! bone apple-tea!

what a fun yet sad game! I played this on my own, creating a knight with principles that were cut down one by one with the sword. Knowing everything he went through and the sword brought upon him, I am sure the sword will live on in memory just as he will! I enjoyed playing this game and crossing items off a list (and trying to save principles I wanted him to keep!), I can see this getting fun when you have a full table trying to bring the wielder down!

the last noita is a game about carrying on tradition in the ways you feel work as a witch helping a community, venturing through towns, or hiding out from hunters. the game allows you to tailor your experience to be as open ended or as direct as you so choose with interesting and fun backgrounds to assign your character, helping you better understand the way they'd tackle the problems posed to them. I had so much fun playing, and I feel like there's so many different ways to play this game if I decide to return to it!

What a wonderful, beautiful game! the motivation of what the non-mortal player seeks as they go through the game, their connection to their world vs how the outside world sees them makes for such interesting writing and a fun character arc!

this is an incredible game to go through and better understand a character you create - their motivations, their hopes, their fears, their insecurities. send them out into the waters and see if they are found again!

Unhallowed is quick to pick up and grips you with its deep and interesting prompts to follow, keeping you on short, breathless journal entries to keep up with the pace of chasing after someone you love. the slow loss of reality, the questioning of the self and your memory, it all fits together so beautifully and is a wonderful horror experience. definitely recommend, what a fun game to play!

what a beautifully written, beautifully depicted, wonderfully gut wrenching game! there is nothing better than playing through a queer story written by other queer people, because you can feel the way the story hits not only for you, but for the writers and artists and musicians that put the work together. there are so many lines that will stick in my head for who knows how long, just how sweet the affection is between them and how painful the fear and trauma is. highly highly recommend, this game was a perfect way to unwind.

I played To Change as a solo experience and when I tell you this game completely took me by surprise! I didn't expect a game with such bright colors and aesthetics to hit me directly in my heart, but it sure did. To Change allows you to easily catalog your journey with the various player assist tools like a solo change generator and a player sheet. Even turning into a completely different creature, I could still feel all the ways this game explores the trans identity and how it feels to go through a world that is changing while you yourself are changing too.

Exquisite Biome is a quick, fun way to create a little world with weird critters that you'll fall in love with. The cardplay element is so smart, and creates an endless amount of creatures to live in your world should you choose to keep drawing/cycling cards. The idea of playing this with a group to create the best creature sounds like a blast, I can't wait to try it with friends!

Sweaters by Hedgehog is such a sweet and heart warming time spent as a little hedgehog putting together sweaters for the various townsfolk who may need them. This game is a breath of fresh air, no combat and no heated encounters, just sweaters and conversations. If you need something sweet and comfortable, this game is the perfect companion for you. Highly recommend, best enjoyed in a comfortable sweater of your own with a mug of something warm. The kind of game I'd share with my nieces and nephews just to see how they'd enjoy the world with me and the creativity they would bring into the space.

Yourself makes you think about all of the ways you have experienced othering or hurt while creating a little changeling that is pitted against a world that doesn't understand them. In the span of about an hour and a half, I created someone who struggled to break away from a family that loved them but didn't understand them, and how to strike out on your own. This game makes you think and makes you feel, and the added element of the tarot influencing your decisions makes it feel all the more punchy when you pull a card that you know has a deeper meaning to it. Highly recommend, what a wonderful and soul wrenching experience.

I had such a wonderful time playing A Fool's Errand, a solo ttrpg about a jester that has discovered an insidious plot. The game's set up is so ingenious, and knowing from the start that the odds are stacked against you only makes the gameplay more and more fun. How does your silly little jester protect their king? I know I had so much fun thinking of all of the ways I could make fun of petitioners in hopes of my king understanding their plot against him. Definitely recommend, there's never a bad time to make a silly little jester!

It ends with YOU is a solo ttrpg that allows you to explore the ways a character may feel (or be treated as) a monster in a world that doesn't understand them. Maybe they carried out an awful misdeed, maybe people think they've done something horrible, either way it allows you to piece together how those impressions have shaped your character and how they feel about those words and how it's changed them, for better or worse. This works as a companion to Apocalypse Keys, but I played it entirely on my own to journal with characters I've written in other roleplays. Definitely recommend, it's that good kind of hurt that makes you think about all of the ways your character may be holding onto the things people think and how much they have (or haven't) healed from that hurt.

A Note in Time is a solo ttrpg that lets you explore a character's history in a way where the character can self reflect and consider what they might want to hear as a child. It was such a fun and humbling experience to see what my characters might think a younger version of themselves needs to hear, knowing there can be no response or further correspondence. It hurts but it's cathartic to have them speak to themselves, and it was a great way to explore that level of characterization that's not always present when you're in a group ttrpg! Definitely recommend as a fun way to do some solo character exploration.

Shepherd's Crook is a solo ttrpg that takes you on the journey of an inanimate object and the people who carry it throughout time. It's such an interesting way to look through the lens of something that doesn't age, but changes each time someone new holds it. Getting to watch my various shepherds change, get sick, tend to their flock as best as they can while the staff does what it can to assist is so much fun and so interesting, and I'm really glad I picked up this ttrpg to try out. Definitely recommend if you want to explore outside perspectives on characters or you want a cool staff to carry on to another ttrpg with a rich history behind it!

Castle of Memories is a brilliant solo exploration ttrpg that feels high stakes and helps you build out a cool, interesting character as you progress through the castle. After my first fight, I was hooked and needed to keep exploring and finding more memories in hopes of figuring out more about the character I was playing. The tarot card to memory to magic spell mechanic is so neat and adds an interesting game of chance into the mix. Overall, definitely recommend and would love to see more people creating dangerous and fun characters to traverse this world.

Bloodless is quick and easy to get into, quick to wrap up, but sticks with you for a long time. The concept works well, the prompts keep you on your toes, and you always feel like you're racing against the clock as the hours tick down until your supposed safety. Definitely recommend, it was a wonderful solo ttrpg that I would love to see more people play!