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i cant wait!

Really enjoyed this game, while editing i realized how much i missed... but very different and fun!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game, though some may fault it for being too short, i love how much story, humor and emotion was packed into a short package and i applaud you for that! The joke at the end made me laugh more then id like to admit as well! :) Great job

Just uploaded my play-through of this, and all i have to say is its amazing and i cant wait to see more! I even made a Patreon account just so i could donate towards the next part of this game! would highly recomend!

defietly looking forward to it!

This Game was definitly very interesting, I had a great time playing it and i look forward to more on it, Keep up the great work! The concept of the puzzles is flawless!

Just uploaded my first video of it, very interesting game haha! i do apoligize for audio as the audio recorded all on one track but it is awesome and fun!