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broken :( 42

oh so cute i love it! nice simple little game to play for a little while and i love the sounds btw

thank you so much!!! i've been trying to get basic collision working for a couple days now and you've helped so much

i love this. profound and interesting work

neat idea for a puzzle game and I really like the presentation. the timer is a bit stress inducing lol, i'd prefer if i was given more time and awarded for finding a "best" solution instead of getting scored on speed. I got stuck on the fourth level and ran out of retries :(

i love this so far!do you have any social media i can follow you on to get updates? I wouldn't wanna miss anything

conceptially very funny but needs a lot of polish

..interesting... little game. Felt very early in development, no animations and it's hard to tell what you're doing or what's happening. The artstyle though was surprisingly charming. It could be a cute little rts with a bit more work and maybe expanding on the kind of units you can recruit

Really fun and frustrating in the good way. Quick restarts give it that "one more try" quality, could've honestly played it for another 8 levels and still be having fun. Great work for a 24 hour job. Only mistep is the music, I wish it was quieter or I could turn it off while keeping the sound effects

Love the art, music, controls and the concept is amazing. This seems like it could be something I'd find on steam, and with some more content could easily sell for 15-20 bucks. My only complaint is the puzzles being very hard, but that's a me problem lol. 

Enjoyed this game, everything worked perfectly and the controls were acceptable. The puzzles where a little bit simple since you can cheese them by getting one character to the end first and then navigating the other one by using the adjecant walls. Would like to have seen more obstacles perhaps moving blocks or spikes to prevent the cheesing.

Surprisingly difficult game with a neat concept executed perfectly.

very difficult to get used to, but pretty fun once i got the hang of it. 

if you were to expand on this, you could introduce the dungeneering and tetris seperately before combining them 

this is like, impossible to beat 

thanks, good luck in future games! 

I'm using Microsoft Edge, and the game just won't load

They took like 5 minutes to spawn in, I couldn't figure out what to do until then

Here's a better take on this concept

Why did you give up on the last clue? Why not just make it a 3 digit code? 

Other than that it was a pretty fun puzzle, the guessing was annoying tho

really cool animation and stuff but how do I even get the enemies

game just doesn't work sorry

It's okay

Thank you :)