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Just finished making a game using this tool. There are some minor glitchy things (and I had trouble making hacks work) but it overall looks great!! Playing Bitsy in 3D is so refreshing

Hey, I can't seem to find any contact info anywhere so I'm trying to reach out though here. Would you like this game featured in my online magazine? It's online and free to read - the first issue is out and for the second one I want to feature more video games. Here's a link to the magazine's website > . Anyways, I like that this is a funny but pretty accurate piece of political commentary. Idk how often you check, but lemme know whenever you see this message :-P

Tysm! I'm always very flattered when anyone plays any of my games. :,) I wonder how many undiscovered artist websites there are left to be seen. Like sure, my aunt had a Twitter but only posted a singular Tweet that advertised her website lol. Without services like the internet archive who knows how much more we'd be missing out on...

I meant the one with the blue empty chat bubbles on the top/bottom of the page ;P

Wow I'm glad this motivated you to find your dad's site, that's super cool! Thru the ashtrays and FPS mechanics I was thinking of morbid/somber ways to depict my memory of her death, how family love is complicated and bittersweet, etc. It's funny to me how some people feel bad for shooting at these paintings, even though all the bullets do is disappear and reveal the paintings' titles. My aunt and grandma (who collected her paintings) were/are religious so I was also considering the history of desecrating art.

I am interested in art-preservation (especially in the digital age) so this project serves as a cheeky exploration of that lol...but also as a cute thing to keep for myself + my family. At first I was worried my grandparents would be offended but they actually really liked the game. My grandma even gave me a picture book of paintings my aunt has never shown or sold, so I will add some of those to this game!


i strongly identify with the 8th page...this is dopeness