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Ha! I should have tried that.

Hi Ben,

Great game. I managed to cause a game-breaking bug. Mild spoilers below. The recollections below might be wrong or out of order. I'm working on nailing down the steps to reproduce.

Chapter 2, after joining the commune. I was living in the slum, had interacted with the commune a bit, ratted out Art when walking past the druggy house immediately east of the commune (police spontaneously arrived as I was walking past). I had taken Duo's pill myself and not delivered it to the arcade. I got myself hooked and kicked out of the slum. Duo _was not_ waiting outside to apologize for making me homeless. As a result, I had no home (the tent had someone else in it). No home means no bed means no advancing to the next day. Evol was blocking the commune telling me to go inside because something was about to go down.

On an earlier run I had discovered the secret behind the railway track. So naturally I experimented with assigning myself to the tent and advancing the day using the debug tools.

I couldn't get this to work, I think (perhaps in part) because no matter what I adjusted I couldn't unset the addicted flag.

I ended up throwing away my save.

Hopefully there are enough clues here for you to be able to reproduce the issue.

I've also noticed a small town/down typo elsewhere.

Thanks for the great game.