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The one thing that really annoys me is that I don't always get teleportation as an option at the beginning, and the only way to reroll seems to be closing the game and opening it. I don't think it's fun when I have to try to get to the hole at the end of the level, and it would be nice if you could just pick from all the powers.

It didn't autosave, which is annoying, but thank you for including a level select so that it wasn't a big deal.

I can't jump high enough. Am I missing controls?

I meant more that I was expecting the level would end with me having taken over the country. Instead of the king just dying and I get nothing out of it.

Is there a way to see the other endings without playing all the levels again? And why does the king die when I possess him? Why can't I keep his body?

It just says "null function or function signature mismatch" when I try to run it.

I recommend making it so you get your hitpoints back when you reach a checkpoint. Having to start the entire game over when you die isn't fun, and neither is having to die to get your heath back when you reach a new checkpoint. Also, at one point I got hurt by running into the path of a falling dead enemy. That should not hurt you.

It would be a lot nicer if it didn't stop you when GLaDOS talks. Also, if crawling up a wall to a corner automatically made you move onto the corner, instead of you having to jump.

How do you skip the intro cutscene? That's way too long.

It didn't save.

There needs to be a way to reset levels. I gave myself an absurd amount of health but gravity was too high to actually finish.

I notice you cling to the walls like in games with wall jumps, but you can't actually wall jump. I'd just get rid of the cling. Also, I didn't realize until I finished the game that you could get out of it with down. If you're going to have it, the opposite direction should work too.

Make it so you can jump with up. If left makes you go left and right makes you go right, up should make you go up.

That depends on how the random number generator works. Generally there's a relatively small number of seeds you can start with, and if there's nothing the game uses rng for besides the numbers the monkeys pick it will always pick the same series of letters from the same seed, so regardless of what seed it picks it won't be able to get all the letters on the first try.

It's neat, but it could definitely use better controls. I'd advise making arrow keys work too, make it so you can jump with up, and make it so you don't lose control while jumping. Also, probably make space shoot.

Level 3 can be cheesed by duplicating the first block and stacking it next to the exit to reach it.

The curse that makes each death count double probably shouldn't happen on insane evil mode. It might be interesting to add a mode where you always get both curses, though some of them are really bad when taken together. Like dying when your light runs out and not being able to see how much is left.

It would be nice if it told you how much power you get from each component.

Pacifist runs are easier.

My game ran slow and crashed a bunch when I first made satellites. Later I made them at an even faster rate and it seems to be permanently crashed. It seems like it's not built for you to focus production on satellites. If that's how you're doing it, I suggest not letting people work on that to speed it up. The way the game is designed it's generally most efficient to design planets to focus on one type of building, and then when you run out of resources sell everything and redesign for something else.

Until you get all the coins, the doors are a fate worse than death. With death you can try the level over, but if you hit a door, you have to restart from the beginning. Either make it so you need all the coins to pass through, make it so you can replay levels, or at least make it so you have to press a button to go through.

I softlocked the game by jumping just before level 8. Now I'm stuck between a white wall and the level end wall, and I can't turn the light off because I can't jump because I'm stuck between walls.

I recommend adding arrow keys for right-handed players. And players with other keyboard layouts.

I think it would be more fun if I could pick characters with the keyboard. And knew what they were.

HP graphing calculators have a game like this called Minehunt. I always played for a perfect score by finding all the spots without mines anyway.

It might be good to add a way to move diagonally.

It's neat, but there's some things you could improve. The hitboxes felt janky. It's better just to use a box, rather than the actual shape of the character. There seemed to be some kind of wall jump that I'm not sure was intentional, and jumping seemed to be weird in general. I'd make it so either you jump on key down or if you hit the ground just after, or you jump whenever you hit the ground and  have jump held down. I'd also make it so you don't move while the level rotates, and the rotations happen faster. And either you have to be on the ground during rotation, or it's limited to one rotation until you hit the ground and have things that require it. Music and sound effects would be really nice. And it would be good to have some kind of end screen and probably instructions at the beginning.

Having it reverse controls when you hit a reverse block seems needlessly confusing. I'd just make left and right stay the same, and make up, down, or space all jump. Also, checkpoints would be nice. Maybe make the reverse gravity blocks function as them.

It's way too easy to get stuck on the side of the screen.

Neat idea. But the enemies take an excessive number of hits to kill. There's not really any reason to make it take more than one. And it would be nice of the infinity snapped to the button you move it to. Also, maybe make it so hitting any button the keyboard does whatever the infinity button is over.

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The arrow keys work in the actual game, but only wasd works on the level select screen. Also, you should make it go to the next level automatically when you win. And make it so you can hold a direction to keep moving that way.

It was too difficult to beat in one sitting and it didn't save.

One thing that would be really nice is if there was a way to see which keys are in which rooms. Maybe only if you've seen or grabbed them. I was able to remember it well enough, but it would have been helpful.

I just got 5x trigger, rounds that follow your mouse, reversal grip, bounce stock, regen magazine, quadruple barrel. There seems to be a bug in the regen magizine where some builds let it fire endlessly. The end result is that each shot fires enough rounds to clear the room, and I can fire them without ever reloading.

It looks neat, but I'd make it so wires aren't one-way, and if you flip them 180 degrees they still work. Also, I'd make it so everything connected to the positive terminal glows one color and everything connected to the negative terminal glows the other, and anything not ultimately connected to either doesn't glow at all, even if it's placed right.

I was thinking make it so you only get one double jump, but hitting the wall brings it back. I haven't finished the game, but I think that would get you through all the levels I played.

So you can double jump as many times as you want, but only while going down?

You should get your health back after every level. Killing yourself after each level to get it back is annoying. Though I'd also recommend giving less health. And those things that fly in from the right are really hard to avoid, especially on the low visibility levels. Getting hurt by those doesn't feel fair.

I recommend adding arrow key support for right-handed players. And also people without qwerty keyboards.

I feel like the big problem is that it's really difficult to collect a corpse while shooting. I think it would be more fun without the recoil, or if the recoil didn't work while picking up a body. Maybe to make it so it's not too easy, there's also no knockback when the enemies are taking bodies.

Neat game. I wish there were more levels.