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I got stuck in this area. I fully explored it, and I have a double jump and a pretty high jump. There doesn't seem to be any way out. Is there an upgrade I'm missing? Or one I don't know how to use?

You can dig ladders back up, so you only need two and you don't need to worry about wasting them. Same for platforms.

I didn't realize at first that you can pick those ladders and platforms back up. Combined with Minecraft physics, you just need two of each and you can go wherever you want.

I got to the boss fight at the end of the first level on medium. Is was taking way too long so I got bored and gave up.

The game said to press start. My keyboard doesn't have a start button and none of the buttons I tried did anything.

I didn't get that dialogue.

I managed to get to the end with 16 attack and 5 rush, and beat the final boss before he even started summoning slimes.

I scrolled pretty thoroughly and I'm still not seeing anything.

I see. I might have just gotten confused.

Every building says how much gold it uses, but not how much population it uses. I also figured out a strategy that should theoretically work. I just replaced all the heart buildings, using money from the factory buildings between them. Except it didn't work. Why didn't it work? No idea. How can I improve? No idea. If people don't understand the rules, then there's nothing more to this than trial and error.

I got the question mark upgrade, and then scary music played but void stopped spawning and now there's nothing I can do.

Hearts don't seem to drop when you have full health. Normally that doesn't sound like an issue, but it means you can't get full use out of the powerup that turns hearts into money unless you're hurt. Especially bad if you're playing with heart curse all the way up.

I got a second of those axes that gives me +1 attack and +2 rush while at 1 hp, but my attack and rush didn't go up.

It's annoying that it often depends on how perfectly you can hit two directions at once. Maybe make it so you can play with the numpad?

I started a run with two max hearts, maximum strength and maximum starting gold, and got the artifact to turn hearts into coins and then the one that reduces my max hearts by two.

I was expecting either to have a single heart or instant death. I got a single empty heart, and I couldn't collect hearts or coins.

It's a start. It would be nice if you could get new weapons and have more enemy types. And those doorways make it look like it would be some kind of roguelike.

I'd make it so the three you keep don't count towards whatever bonus you're getting. Or make it entirely based on how many kinds of cats you have, so keeping three doesn't make much of a difference.

Once you have Unstoppable Pressure, you can just buy one cat, pressurize them, and repeat to get arbitrarily strong cats.

I was afraid of that. Maybe put some kind of a warning so people don't start playing the game, get several levels in, and then find out the hard way. Or add a level menu or a way to move back and forward through levels you've beaten so people can get all the extras without having to worry about having to start the whole game over.

I accidentally hit the goal without getting the coin and I can't figure out how to go back a level.

It would be nice to add an autoshoot. I don't see any reason why you'd ever want to not be shooting, and it's annoying to have to keep the mouse button held down.

It's a start. How about some upgrades? And more enemies?

The controls are annoying. Make it so you can hold a direction to move.

I don't get how analyze the following statements is supposed to work. If we know one is telling the truth and one is lying or something like that we might be able to figure it out, but if one has the key and they all say stuff that could be true or false, it could just as easily be any.

I recommend making it so the bullets only work while the ball is moving. Honestly even that sounds kind of OP. I was expecting it to fire bullets at random and still thought it worth buying.

I wish you could get to max level and buy all the upgrades.

Why does a three-year-old want dreams about a promotion? I think there should be age limits on some of these dreams. It would also improve if you had multiple descriptions for each dream, like if they get superhero powers you have several you could list. And some kind of victory condition would be nice.

It's like a 3D version of Miegakure.

It's a neat game, but the controls are annoying. I think it would be more fun if 1-4 activated the abilities, instead of using them to switch to abilities and shift to activate (except cloud, which you jump to activate).

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Level 16 can be completed with only one left turn. Then push the box on the right onto the square button, ignore the x button, push the box on the left to the o button, then grab one heart flower and jump to reach the other.

You don't need all the turns on 19 either. And 20 has an extra box.

It's neat, but it would be better if clicking before they finished talking just showed all the text. I'm too impatient to wait for all the text to appear, so I ended up clicking through it all, but I did want to read it.

I suddenly can't type on the math minigame. I was typing before, but now I can only enter the number by hitting the up arrow. Did something change in the last few hours?

Reminds me of Shift. I recommend making it so you can use the arrow keys. Also, it's not always clear which way gravity will face. It would be nice if it was always the opposite the direction it was before you started digging.

It would be really nice if you could press R instead of having to click the middle of the screen

On one level, I got defeated and had no idea how. I accidentally pressed undo instead of telling it to show what happened, then couldn't find any way to cancel the undo, so I left the level hoping that I could come back and that would get out of it, but it just deleted the entire level and now I have to start over from the beginning. Please fix this bug. It should be possible to look at the present turn, even if you've lost during it.

I'd put the time remaining in the status tab.

It would be nice if the new card replaced the one you used. I think that would make it easier to not accidentally use the wrong card.

I spent a while trying to improve my deck, only to finally win and find out it was the last level.

Preventing them from escaping in the first place is good, but it's better to make sure escape is 100% impossible by teleporting them back if it does happen. Especially given that this game doesn't seem to save or have any other way of getting them back once they escape.

My bombs started escaping the screen. Can you make it teleport them back when that happens?