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Daniel J Roberts

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Hey, I'm very sorry to hear that. It's been a while, but I'm working on a patch at the moment that should get it playable for a bunch more people.

wow. oh wow. This game fixed my relationship with my father. wow

I believe in aliens now. You have shattered my old belief system, putting my life in disarray. My relationship with my parents has been ruined.


wow oh boy. This is, this is the bestest game ever. Sweet lights, sweet numbers, responsive controls at lightspeed it's got everything a growing child could want!

Thanks for the play through and the kind words bro! The game was made in 1 week for a rapid prototyping thing, so I am glad it wasn't to buggy and clunky to play! And yes, I'd definitely consider making a proper game out of it, especially if you promise to play it when I'm done.

Well, thanks :)

thanks. I think the game is really meant to be more of a statement than anything, so in some ways I am not really bothered if people don't replay it over and over, as long as they get the message. In saying that however, you're probably right and a high score would be really good for the message

Yep. part time amongst my other projects.