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Great idea Ewaj. Maybe it would be cool if over time there were more/tougher enemies or maybe they start shooting faster.

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Thanks BenChong! I really like your idea. Having some sort of enemy that can deflect bullets back at the player would be really cool!

I am planning on adding a few extra features after the game jam, I will add this to my todo list. 

Thanks Chrispyloco! The glitch effects was probably one of the favourite things I managed to add before the deadline. :)

Thanks Alexwhin, glad you liked it!

Thanks Hans! 

Thanks for checking out my game Eccemono. Glad you like it!

Thanks Durbo! I really wanted to add a few more enemy types/effect but sadly didnt have enough time. 

That's the nature of a game jam I guess :)

Thank for the comment Rupert. I appreciate the feedback!